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Re: Heart Murmur / Irrigation

OK, I did get 3 out of 4 responses I solicited...

From an MD: The only concern would be if the person had rheumatic fever as a child, rendering the arteries somewhat vulnerable to oral pathogens...

From a Dentist: B.S. I'd want to see the studies which support that...

From another Dentist and Professor of Dentistry at dental school, retired: B.S. I'd want to see the studies which support that...

If the idividual has to take antibiotics before going to the dentist, are they living on the stuff? What about when they brush their teeth and they bleed? What happens when they simply do nothing and the disease progresses? Irrigation is designed to CLEAN the surface of the teeth, along and below the gumline. There could be equal risk in inadvertantly cutting the mucosa while eating Doritos!

These are some opinions and I am awaiting a response from a microbiologist...

You understand that these are opinions and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. Have you posed this question to other professionals? I'd be interested in seeing the responses.


Re: Re: Heart Murmur / Irrigation

I haven't asked any "professionals", because most are main-stream and would much prefer to have me come in every 3 months after having 2 grams of amoxicyllin for breakfast, for perio-maintenance, than to let me use a home solution.

My instincts are consistent with your retired dentist who asked what happens when I cut myself on a Dorito. Or even if I bleed from flossing. I don't see how brushing and flossing could be OK when irrigation could be dangerous. It just doesn't make any sense. Maybe the irrigation machines print that on the box to avoid being sued.

I didn't have rheumatic fever as a kid. Nobody got all uptight after my echogram. Just said I'd need to premedicate with dental work. My husband has a hip implant and has to do the same thing. I don't understand that either.

Let me know if any other information or opinions surface.

Thanks :-)

Location: (ie, U.S. CA, U.S. VT, AU QLD, etc.) Thousand Oaks, CA

Re: Re: Heart Murmur / Irrigation

The AHA has recently downgraded the necessity for antibiotic prophalaxsis for people Mitral Vavle Prolapse and similar medium risk conditions. If you have an artificial valve you are hig risk, and if your MVP is so bad you are in need of an valve replacement etc, you are high risk. Even then you probably don't require prophalaxis, though you should probably take it easy.

There are a few issues. Regarding irrigators there os the alleged risk of pushing bacteria into the bloof vs the clear benefit of removing bacteria and reducing inflamation. Inflamed gums leads to sticky blood which is a much higher risk factor. Additionaly there is no correlation between dental work and heart infections; and the last peice of the puzzle, the same conditions (bactermia) are created when you move your bowels, eat or brush your teeth. Requiring medication for all these activities makes no sense.

BTW the definition of MVP has been tightened. I was diagnosed under the old def. so I don't know if I am still considered MVP. At one point 35% of people were being diagnosed; under the new guidleines its less than 5%. If the doctor told you not to worry except when going to the dentist, don't worry about irrigating.

Re: Heart Murmur / Irrigation

About the heart murmur and dental care: yes,you must get a prescription of antibiotics and take it 1 hr before seeing the dentist. If you don't you will suffer major heart problems.
I have mitral valve prolapse and I always get a script of antibiotics before I see the dentist.