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    I've moved the discussion from the original Yahoo Groups to this location in order to attempt the categorization of discussion a little better.
    The purpose of the OraMedia site was to disseminate the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara (DDS)( see 'Freedom from Dental Disease' ).  It would be best to become acquainted with some of his work and points of view on oral health before getting involved here.  In addition, Dr. Nara wrote a couple of very popular books on the subject, 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient.'
    At the very least, please read 'The 7 Factors Transcript,' which covers the 7 factors or principles Dr. Nara set up as guides for keeping our teeth healthy for life.  This is a transcript of the last speech he gave with the National Health Federation in San Francisco, 1986, and covers the following:

1.    Nutrition
2.    Frame of Reference
3.    Options
4.    Knowledge
5.    Understanding the biological balance
6.    Taking Action
7.    Money

    The discussions, therefore, will be broken down into those categories, so if you are going to write about Vitamin D, as it relates to oral health, then post in the 'Nutrition' Subject thread and so on.
    This interface has a search function, so you are encouraged to use it, as time goes by, to see if your question to the group has already been covered.  If you want to view the subjects in a given category, click on "Switch to Threaded Style" just below here.

Thank you,
Tom Cornwell

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Re: Re: Heart Murmur / Irrigation

The AHA has recently downgraded the necessity for antibiotic prophalaxsis for people Mitral Vavle Prolapse and similar medium risk conditions. If you have an artificial valve you are hig risk, and if your MVP is so bad you are in need of an valve replacement etc, you are high risk. Even then you probably don't require prophalaxis, though you should probably take it easy.

There are a few issues. Regarding irrigators there os the alleged risk of pushing bacteria into the bloof vs the clear benefit of removing bacteria and reducing inflamation. Inflamed gums leads to sticky blood which is a much higher risk factor. Additionaly there is no correlation between dental work and heart infections; and the last peice of the puzzle, the same conditions (bactermia) are created when you move your bowels, eat or brush your teeth. Requiring medication for all these activities makes no sense.

BTW the definition of MVP has been tightened. I was diagnosed under the old def. so I don't know if I am still considered MVP. At one point 35% of people were being diagnosed; under the new guidleines its less than 5%. If the doctor told you not to worry except when going to the dentist, don't worry about irrigating.

Re: Heart Murmur / Irrigation

About the heart murmur and dental care: yes,you must get a prescription of antibiotics and take it 1 hr before seeing the dentist. If you don't you will suffer major heart problems.
I have mitral valve prolapse and I always get a script of antibiotics before I see the dentist.