P.L. 671, The Termination of the Mixed-Blood Uinta's of Utah

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Heritage of Misfortune and Neglect

I am the youngest son of Dee Hendricks. It was a bit alarming to read my dad's name on the list of those terminated from their tribe. Dad was always kinda mum about this whole topic. the only thing i really remember about it was that before he passed away he worked to get my brother and I on the roll. He always said it was mainly for the hunting and fishing.
I read on this and think it's about heritage.

I reflect on this and think maybe it would be better to not associate with people who will disown you and abandon you.
What kind of people write off their own people? People that hold their same values?

I read about this and don't claim to understand the inner workings, the politics or the money motives, but noone can deny, wether on paper or off I am my father's son and my family has roots in that land and with the tribe.
Sadly, i may never know or understand the value of my own heritage because the leaders... those responsible for me (cause thats what authority means is being responsible for others) have neglected a sacred duty to their descendants. I think it is best summed up... "people without a vision will perish" and "a house divided cannot stand".

Re: Heritage of Misfortune and Neglect

Great comment, I feel the same way, we are so misunderstood. I hope one day the leaders will give us what we so deserve RECOGNITION FOR BEING UTE!

Re: Heritage of Misfortune and Neglect

Thanks for the reply!

Re: Heritage of Misfortune and Neglect

Dan, this is your Aunt Emily in Blackfoot. How are you?

I started to write this reply earlier and it disappeared, so I hope this is not a repeat.

None of us understood what happened to us at the time it did. We were too uneducated and unsophisticated. Many of the tribal members still enrolled don't know what happened, either, and some believe that we asked to be terminated and received large sums of money in exchange.

You need to order a book by Warren Metcalf titled "Termination's Legacy: The Discarded Indians of Utah." Published by the University of Nebraska Press.

It's well researched and documented and I got my copy from Amazone.com.

Re: Heritage of Misfortune and Neglect

Thanks Auntie I will look into the book. It's good to hear from you on here! Bless you!

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