P.L. 671, The Termination of the Mixed-Blood Uinta's of Utah

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When I Heard That OBAMA Was Going to Appoint Larry Echo Hawk as the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs” in Washington D.C. And is a friend of my uncle Forrest Cuch. I wrote to him back in May about the Our Termination. So hearing that he met with Orrana I am hoping this opened some eyes.


I'am glad to see our members are reading and looking at the "Message Board."

It was a thrill to meet Larry EchoHawk, Assistant Secretary of the Interior at Thanksgiving Point in Salt Lake City on September 2, at his invitation. i had worked hard to be able to get to meet with him after i learned of his appointment. Mr. EchoHawk also invited me to his swearing ceremony in Washington D.C. but i was unable to attend.

Let me get the record straight though. Forrest Cuch, who is a enrolled Full BLood member of the Ute Indian Tribe, has never "helped us the Termianted American Indians." He might be a friend to Mr. Echo Hawk, but he sure isn't a friend to the Terminated Mixed Blood people. He is the Director of the Indians of Utah, through the state of utah. It is really too bad that Mr. Cuch didn't, couldn't, or wouldn't help us. I wrote to Mr. Chuch when the Olympics was in Salt Lake CIty hoping they would recognize our terminated people the same as other indian tribes in utah, but we were denied the privilage of perticipating in the olympics because they felt they only wanted "federally recognized Indians" and we were terminated. Others letters have been wrote to him that i thiks some on posted on this website. I have known Forrest Cuch for years, him and my brother grew up together in ft. Duchsne, he has a Brother and two sisters that are on the Terminated Mixed Blood Roll, but yet he is little help.
I have seen this happen time after time during the period that me and my people were terminated, that good indian people turn the other cheek when it comes to sticking thier necks out to help the "true native amerians."
Robert, I hope you got a reply from Mr. Cuch, who i know is your Uncle, you Moms half brother. I hope he said he would help the terminated mixed bloods in their plight for justice, but would be willing to bet he didn't.

Mr Echo Hawk was very intrested in the Termination of the Mixed BLoods.

Lets all keep our prayers and hearts focused on a "win" in court, and pray that the Judge will rule soon in our behalf. From 2002 to 2009 is a long time to wait for Justice especially when we are getting older each day.

Keep the Fires Burning... Oranna B. Felter

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