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This Morning I recieved word that one of our Plaintiffs had passed on. Ellis Denver. He was not only a plaintiff but my Moms First Cousin, my relative. He was such a special person, and supported our case one hundred percent.
IT makes my heart sad to think our people is "dying waitng" to hear on a case that should have been decided a long time ago. We have lost about 30 plaintiffs since we first Started Felter v. Salazar in 2002, and mostly original 490 members.
Edith Denver O. Gardner, Fern Harris Burdick, Alvin Richardson Denver, Naturitch K. Nielson, Pete and Kenny Felter, Elmer Hackford, Selma Hackford, Le Roy Christensen, and many others.
Then there has been the passing of others of the 490 who are not on our case. I think in 3 weeks we have lost 3 of the 490 members...
Its really a sad thing when the U.S. Government stands idley by for years hoping all the 490 will die off so they won't have to deal with us. But we will always be here no matter what.
Please say a prayer for our case, as the judge issued a "minute order" and instructed the attorneys to file documents before "December 1st, 2009" keep your fingers crossed we will hear on our case shortly after and that it will be good news for all of us.
Please keep the fires burning on our journey to justice and say a prayer for all our members who have passed on.
Oranna B. Felter, Lead Plaintiff, Felter v. Salazar

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