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UDC using articles from the Mixed Blood Uintas Website

I had a friend send me the link to UDC Central. I went on and was looking at thier information. I noticed when you punched "Membership" that the link goes directly to our website.

Isn't it weird UDC says they represnt the terminated mixed bloods..(water case and other documents) but when you read the transcripts from the "water case that udc has had in court...i noticed in their transcripts that it states:
UDC attorney is telling the Federal Judge the following:
"If you ruled that it is an undivided asset I don't know how any mixed blood can lose when they get 27% of the benefit from the water on the reservation, not just on their land but on all of the water." unquote
Then another attorney tells the court: quote
"Well, but the benefit to the "mixed bloods" is "not" necessarily the same as Red Rocks. Red Rock is a corporation and there are "Some "non mixed blood shareholders" in that corporation now, just as "UDC is
Owned two thirds by "non mixed members." unquote
Then yet another attorney makes the following comment;
"First if the court was to decide that the water rights were undivided, i don't think anyone "knows who has what out there" and it is not clear who has what."

continueing: quote
"My second pont is if the "UDC" has a 27% share, Mr. Wheeler is "Incorrect" in saying that all "Mixed Bloods will share in that." "The only people that will share in whatever the benefits are in that are the "Sharholders" in the UDC, the vast majority of whom are "Not Mixed BLoods." unquote

This is all Court Record, so its open to everyone, go to the federal court in salt lake city and read for yourself the transcripts.

What the Government, individuals and everyone else needs to understand, is when the mixed blood uintas were terminated they were given ten shares of stock,
the corporation handles these shares is Ute Distribution Corporation. But after termination most of the original terminated mixed bloods "sold, traded for old cars, grocerie bills, tires, anything to survive, thier ten shares of stock, mostly to "non members" who now hold "title to the udc stocks and recieve the revenues that should have been going to the original 490. Ute Distribution Corporation constitution and by laws reads that once you sell your stock in that corporation... "they do not" represent your intrests, you have to have the udc shares to be a udc member, but yet the supreme court allowed a state corporation to think they have controle over trust property that was ment for the terminated mixed bloods, not "non members."
I'am a little tired of Ute Distribution Corporation who has no intrest in "representing" the terminated 490 who
sold thier stock, using the "mixed bloods" in their documents, when they should be saying their shareholders who are approx. three fourths non members or the ute indian tribe.
If UDC is going to say they represent the "mixed bloods"
why haven't we as mixed bloods been notified on lawsuits etc. that they file? Anyone out there know, please let me know.

oh!! don't forget to go on their website at: udc central. com and see what they are doing and who is on their committees, its very intresting.

this is only my feelings, as a terminated original 490.

Coyote from Utah

Re: UDC using articles from the Mixed Blood Uintas Website

Very True, facts are very hard to Ignore.

Re: UDC using articles from the Mixed Blood Uintas Website

This post isn't about Ute Distribution Corporation using
the Mixed Blood Uintas website, but it is about "just who does UDC respresent?"

Looking through more court documents another transcripts
pops up from the court in salt lake dealing with udc wanting joint management over the elk on the ute reservation along with the ute tribe.

I note that Mr. Thompson whos the attorney for the ute tribe makes the following statement: quote
(check court documents, this is a public record)
I do think there is a "few" original four ninty stockholders but not many.

Old Coyote says: "Very intresting how the poor ol'
terminated mixed bloods is being used to say udc represents them, when the only ones they can really represent is the "udc stockholders." The poor ol' mixed bloods who have no udc stocks, have no intrest in udc do they? come on let me hear from some of you out there in the univers.

Lets all do some studying and see just who udc supports, the true terminated mixed bloods or thier udc

Coyote says "If ican research and find this no telling what some of you have to offer, lets hear it."

Go to UDC Central.com and see whos on their committies..
i dont think any of them are original terminated mixed boods, but ol' coyote doesn't know everything, getting too old..
Coyote from Utah

Re: UDC using articles from the Mixed Blood Uintas Website

Ute Distribution Corporation was created by John Boyden in 1958. John Boyden was the attorney for both the mixed-bloods and full-bloods at the same time during the division of assets between the two tribal groups. UDC was created as a non-profit membership corporation. The membership being the 490 mixed-blood members of the Ute Indian Tribe.

The Charter of the Ute Indian Tribe provides that the Tribe may issue to each of its members a non-transferable certificate of membership evidencing the equal share of each member in the assets of the tribe. Ten UDC stockshares were issued to each of the 490 mixed-blood members evidencing the equal share of each member in the trust funds passing through the conduit corporation that was transferred by the U.S. Treasury to the 490 beneficiaries.

UDC and employees of First Security Bank and others brokered and purportedly sold the mixed-blood's interests in the trust proceeds passing through the corporation to non-Indians of Utah via stockshares. Non-profit corporations only have memberships. For-profit corporations issue stockshares.

The Corporation does not own the assets nor any part of the trust proceeds passing through it. The 490 Uintah mixed-bloods do which makes the stockshares a worthless piece of paper to anyone who is not an Indian of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation(s). However the shares the full-bloods have been collecting on could be considered as "double-dipping".

The UDC is not a tribe, a member of a tribe, or a tribal entity. It is indeed a state incorporated entity that has been unlawfully handling trust and restricted trust proceeds for members of a federally recognized tribe under color of Utah law for over 50 years without an accounting for those proceeds to anyone. If Affiliated Ute Citizens created the UDC that makes the AUC the "parent company" under corporate law therefore, AUC and any one of its members can demand an accounting of the mixed-blood trust funds and that is what Oranna's case is about... an accounting.

Right now the government is standing by the UDC because it has yet to realize the UDC is not a Tribe but a mass of non-Indians purporting to be a tribe and the U.S. Solicitor, William McConkie is guiding the government in this direction because he is operating under a very large conflict of interest.

As an agent of the United States Government who is the "trustee" for American Indians, the government should be standing with Oranna Felter et al., they are the Indians in this case. UDC's articles of incorporation be hanged. It was legally dissolved in 1996 by Affiliated Ute Citizens and we will stand by that in a court of competent jurisdiction any time.

Re: UDC using articles from the Mixed Blood Uintas Website

I went to the UDC Central after reading these post. I'am a terminated 490.
I was intrested to see a Mr. H.E. Thomas, who is i assume a non member, Larry C. Murray, who i know is a non member, and Pala Iorg Nelson listed on page 2.
I then wen to the UDC Stockholders list which is listed on this website (take a look you'll be suprised who holds the original 490s stockshares) I couldn't find Mr. Thomas, but note Larry Murry and his wife own "50" shares, Steve and Pala Nelson own "16" shares, big B. Investment company "10" shares, Renee s. Chasel Millett
"8" shares(didn't her husband work in firt security bank?) Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, real estate division, Salt lake city, utah. "6" shares,Deseret holding "2" shares, Executive D. Trust "9" shares, ist Arrow Trust "74" shares, Four M. Trust "9" shares John B /Ruby Gale "1" share(didn't he work for first security bank) Gordon E. &/or Clara Harmston and children "46" shares,Jagg Investments "9"
shares,Bill Labrum "4" shares, David Labrum "4" shares
(aren't they the owners of L & L motor in Roosevelt)
Belva &/or George C. Morris "1" share (wasn't he udc's attorney) Larry C & Cheryl J. Murray "50" shares, (doesn't he own Murray Motor Inc. in Roosevelt?) William T. Piper, "162" shares (owners of Piper Airplanes) Alva Lynn Snow Family Trust" "1" share, Paul
G. and Jeannie Stringham "6" shares (he was a doctor in Venal) Two D. Trust "10" shares, UIntah Investment "10"
shares, "Ute Distributin Corporation" "3" shares. Ute Indain Tribe "874" shares, Wayne Hummer & Company "100"
shares, WDE Oil Properties "10" shares, Whitaker Oil Trust "10" shares. ALL NON MEMBERS
This is to name only a few. go on and look at the list
the by each share it will have "N" or "O" the N means
Non Member, the O means "Original."
How can UDC claim they represent the terminated mixed bloods when this is the people they represent. The Supreme Court errer when they said udc is the legal represntativs of the mixed blood people, they are not, and soon there will be papers filed showing exacitly who they really are and who they have been giving funds to that congress intended for the terminated mixed bloods and their heirs.
I would be ashamed if i were them, udc as long as i have known them have never done anythng to help any terminatd mixed blood untles they were a udc stockholder, yet they use us to make the governement and everyone else think they are protectin the intrests of the mixed bloods when all they are doing is protecting the intrests of themeselves!!!!
Its time for this mascurade to end, and hopefully through the Felter v. Salazar case this will all be told, if not there is other irons in the fire getting heated up and ready for the branding of who the real terminated mixed bloods are and who the ute distribution corporation members are.
I loved these articles keep them coming. look at udc for who they really are and lets hear from you.
very concerned!!!

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