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U.S. Federal Court Rules "Against Felter"

I being one of the the Lead Plaintiffs along with "Big Sonny Denver" (deceased) "Richard Curry" "Calvin Hackford" and "Dale Christensen" in Felter v. Salazar felt that i should inform everyone that last Friday, January 15th we recieved word from the Federal Court in Washingon D.C. that Judge Roberts ruled against us, and in favor of the defendants.
When Dennis Chappabitty our Attorney called to let me know the decision of Judge Roberts, it was a dissapointment after wating, hoping and praying for seven going on eight years. In 2002 we filed the case before Judge Roberts... he ruled against us then. Our
Attorney "Appealed" his ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. and flew back there to argue our case. The Appeals Court did not kick us out of court, but remanded the case "back" to Judge Roberts. So we have spent almost eight years trying to get a win from the Judge Roberts or at least be able to Appeal and climb the ladder to the U.S. Court of Appeals.
I was so relieved to be out of his court I couldn't even cry, dissapointed but relieved.
We are at least "free." we still feel we have a good chance of winning in the Appeals Court, and hope that all of our Plaintiffs will hang tight.
You must remeber that the "Cobell Case" that was just settled took almost "14" years of ups and downs and appeals before the case was settled this last fall, but they hung togather and now they are celebrating thier victory of the case being settled.
I ask for everyone to stay united, to support our Attorney,and all the ones who work so hard to keep this case alive.
I want to "Thank" everyone who has supported this very important lawsuit, and to all one who sit idly by not helping, its time you do.
The plaintiffs should be recieving a information letter within a few days. A press release will follow when our Attorney files the Appeal, so be patient, be prayerful, and be humble, and united.
May Grandfather be with all of us and keep us in good health and spirit, because they will "never break our spirit." As Dennis says, "Keep the fires burining as
we walk the road on our Journey for Justice."
Oranna B. Felter, Lead Plaintiff, Felter v. Salazar

Re: U.S. Federal Court Rules "Against Felter"

I see where there is a few rading my notice on the message board, i forgot to put that we would like to hear form you, your thoughts, your hopes, and your fears, etc.
Let us hear from you, this is your case, voice your opinion.

Thank You,

Re: U.S. Federal Court Rules "Against Felter"

Hello I have just as of tonight found this website after googling my grandmothers name. Hazel Ellen Young Coop. And much to my surprise found that she too is on the "terminated" list. I now understand why I get the treatment I do from the tribe and others. I am very proud of my heritage and it pains me for anyone to make any assumptions or accusations that I am not Indian.
In the late 90's I was sent some information for a tribal number and to send in information and pic for a card and was told later after receiving it that it was invalid. Invalid was not a pleasant thing to hear. I am tired of defending my heritage which I feel I should have freely. But I will continue to until I die as I am proud of who I am!!!
If I can be of any help whatsoever please dont hesitate to call/email me...I am here to fight the fight!!!

I will snail mail my information to you Oranna. And thank you for informing us of this.

Re: U.S. Federal Court Rules "Against Felter"

Hello Mary,
Thanks for posting on our website...if there is anything we can do to help you let us know. Also was your stepmother a indian, related to your mother?
Keep in touch, and thanks for the comments.

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