P.L. 671, The Termination of the Mixed-Blood Uinta's of Utah

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Repeal of P.L. 671

Hello Everyone,
Just thought i would tell everyone we are making good progress on our "Journey to Justice" to have Public Law 671 Repealed. Dennis and I have been working hard since the Felter case came to an end to have Public Law 671 Repealed. It looks better now than it ever did.
So anyone who does not have their Petition in to Repeal the Law please get it to me asap. If you do not have a petition there is one posted on the front page of this website. Get it filled out and mailed to me as quickly as possible. (P.O. Box 465, Ft. Duchesne, Utah 84026). We already have several hundred petitions in but need everyones input.
Keep infomred, keep supporting us on our "Journey to Justice" we are working hard to make this happen for all who want it, individual 490 and thier descendants.
If an Original 490 is deceased, that persons descendants can fill out a petition for that original member (as we will not forget our deceased members) then list all children and Grandchildren. Make sure your addresses is correct and notify us if there is a change.
Thanks, any more questions feel free to email me.
Many Blessings,
Oranna Felter # 32

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