P.L. 671, The Termination of the Mixed-Blood Uinta's of Utah

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Repeal of P.L. 671

Hi Everyone,
As you can see from my Book "High Uinta Moon" i have been extremely busy... I hope everyone is in good health and spirits as we are getting ready to move on to Congress?
We have decided to try and get the "Repeal" done as quickly as we can, but we know things doesn't move fast in Congress.
We are hoping everyone who was on the Felter Case is ready to move forward now to continue our "Journey to Justice"
Let us hear from you on this message board... thats why we have it. If you haven't filled out your Petition print one off and get it mailed or pdf to me as quickly as possible to be added to the hundreds we already have, its time to move on.
Hope you continue to enjoy this website and pass it on to everyone you know who will support us. Also keep passing the RanDeeRedWillow website on. Hope everyone has read my book?
Blessings to all of you, Keep your prayers coming and keep your spirits high..
Oranna B. Felter aka RanDeeRedWillow (author, High Uinta Moon) Terminated Ute of Utah

Re: Repeal of P.L. 671

Hello my fathers name is Robert George Burson who in a terminated Ute. Growing up he spoke of this lawsuite and I have always wondered what is the staus of the repeal. If you could please contact me by email and give a number in which to contact you it would greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time
Regina J Burson Pectol

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