P.L. 671, The Termination of the Mixed-Blood Uinta's of Utah

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How Can I/We help

I recently friended Oreanna on fb and found out about this injustice.I am an undiscovered native (my father recently related storys of an undocumented native elder realtion in our family)Iam appaled at what has happened.I need to know what I and other non-natives can do to help fix this injustice....

Re: How Can I/We help

Hi Colleen,
Thank you so much for taking an intrest in the termination of me and my people.
Everyone can help by sending Petitions in to me stating that they support the Repeal of P.L. 671 of the 83rd Congress and Support Oranna and the Attorney Dennis Chappabitty.
Please send the letters to me at: Oranna B. Felter
Mixed Blood Uintas of Utah, P.O. Box 465, Ft. Duchesne, Utah 84026. Tell family, friends everyone to get " Petitions, Letters of Support" sent in as quickly as possible.
Thanks so much.

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