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Hello, i have nearly completed my project in ms access but theres one outstanding problem i have. i have a field called Index which combines the autonumber of each field with the Reference field. eg when the recors autonumber is one and the reference is EDU, the Index field becomes EDU/1. This is fine and what im after, except im looking to keep an individual count for each reference. Say for example the next item has reference PCE, then the index is PCE/2. Then theres a 3rd item which is EDU, so its index will be EDU/3. This is the 3rd item, but not the 3rd EDU item. What im trying to do, with no sucess, is in this case have the EDU/2, as its the 2nd EDU item, even though its the 3rd item in total. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Paddy!