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Re: Go to record

Use Toolbar Wizard to create Combo ... then use the Code Builder to Open the Form (wizard will 'write' that code for you also! if you want to dummy it up and cut and paste).

See Northwind form Orders Customer ID Combo, Before Update and After Update [Event Procedure]

Here is one of mine (for a List Box, but you'll get the idea). Your choice of [Event Procedure] to trigger it!

Private Sub CareProbList_Click()

On Error GoTo Err_CareProbList_Click

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmCareData", , , "[ProbItem]=" & CareProbList.Column(0) & " AND [Patient ID #]='" & CareProbList.Column(6) & "'"



--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

On an unbound form I have a combo box that lists all staff. When the user chooses a staff member I want that staff's record to open on the staff form. Any tips would be great.