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Re: first score - for summary

First take a look at my Access Demo (in Powerpoint) at

email me back when you have taken a look and I will help you with each part of your project.


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Replying to:

I am a newbie working with Access 97, (reading from a Access 2000 manual). I am making a report (actually two) and I want to make a summary only report. I am working with test scores, and I want to see the progress (I hope). I am quite sure that I can use a wizard and get a summary to show the minimum, average, and maximum (and the count). I have the the tests numbered, ie. test number field. My clientele is transistional - the students are only at school for a few months, so that the first score for each student is likely to be different. When I show the detail record, I can easily sort so that the first test is listed at the top. I would like to make a summary report, that only shows the statistics (first, minimum, average, maximum, and last) withOUT showing the details.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

(2) Question #2 is very similar, but very different. I am listing the 6 weeks grades for each of the students. The records are listed by year, semester, 6 weeks, and grade - (a) 2001, (b) a spring, (c) 1st 6 wk, (d) C + , and (e) 6.

When I sort the listing is chronilogically correct.

Please remember that I am a newbie. I am familiar with Excel - and have used INDIRECT and ADDRESS to find an appropriate row and then going to the correct column.

(3) I have been reading about a Combo and List box as part of the toolbox, but when I look at my toolbar, I do not see the Combo button. Is this part of the improvements from Access 97 to Access 2000?

Thank you very much for any help that you can give me. I hope my questions are understandable. Please write if you have any ideas - I have no idea how to use or write a Macro.