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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fantabulous closing Panto

Yes the last performance was good. But was insulted though when I gave someone a box of chocolates and they purposely left them behind.

Never mind expected that from the English not Americans though.

Sorry if I sound blunt in my posting. And Elizabeth and I were intouch about the last night. I did say to her that I might not get because of the cold that I had got back again. Went to the Dunn cow to see if she was there before our last performance started but couldn't see her. She sent me an email claiming she and her son was there waiting for the crowds to calm down and I pointed out that I had been wearing a white coat (No Doctors coat) no reply back. I did give Elizabeth my mobile number and to ring me just to confirm what we were doing but she didn't. If she had kindly sent me a picture of herself like I did to her then I might have recognised her and told her that I was going to wetherspoons.

I had a great nightclubbing by myself had a whale of a time ;o)

Oh yes I found out the whole story about the stalking of Paul it was four girls and I was told this by the empire staff. Its amazing how people class you as a stalker becaause you go to three of the performances by yourself and get the wrong idea about you because you don't have the right face. But thats life I suppose.

I don't think that I would go to anymore performances if Paul ever came back to Sunderland or anywhere in England.

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