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in a response to someone who said

"you are right in looking for answers"

they also said something about nihilism giving you the freedom to choose...

i think in every philosophy there is a freedom of choice. it is to choose what is true or what is not. even if there is no truth...or existence...nihilism is still true.

i don't know. it is seeming to make less sense to me now that i'm thinking about nihilism. it sounds like a bunch of us egotistical people or people who just don't care got in a group and said we want to do whatever the hell we want so lets form a philosophy that allows us to make the choices that we want to make without us feeling guilty or people making us feel guilty about it.

not that i can think of another philosophy...but i think that saying that there is no truth is stupid. there has to be truth to even state that there is none. to state something at all is to say that you have a say that there is nothing is simply saying that, "it is true that there is no truth."

sounds stupider as i'm talking about it...
someone clear this up for me.

-sweet tea

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