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Honoring the memory of our courageous ancestors, the filles du roi (King's Daughters) and the soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment of 17th century New France.

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Re: Marguerite Gaillard dit DuPlessis

Marguerite wasn't neccessarily as you say sent away. There are a million reasons why she might have wanted to imigrate to to New France of her own free will. You would be one lucky decendent to be able to find out the real reason....very few of us do as most people of the era couldn't read nor write. You have to piece together her story from the official records as best you can and the rest is well..... up to your imagination. I did find this on a site that I keep bookmarked.... hope you can read french. She married 4 times and Mr. Saucier was one of them. You are decended from her second marriage to Prevost. Most likely at least 3 died on her as divorce would have been out of the question in those days. You see we know something about her already.... she certainly wasn't a quiter.

Louis Saucier ou Saussier (Charles & Charlotte Clairet)

de St-Eustache de Paris, France; au rec.66, à Sillery, domestique d'Étienne Demers
d avant 1677, côte St-Michel à Sillery
m 12-01-1671 Québec (ct 27-11-1670 Duquet)
Marguerite Gaillard dit Duplessis (Jean-Baptiste & Catherine Lomelle)
de Notre-Dame de Calais, Picardie, France; 30 ans au rec.67; 42 ans au rec.81
1er mariage: Hercule Duperron ()
2e mariage: 26-07-1664 Québec (ct 19-07-1664 Duquet)
François Provost (Marin & Catherine Cornilleau)
au rec.67, à côte St-Michel à Sillery
b 27-08-1637 St-Aubin de Tourouvre, Perche, France
d 06 s 07-04-1670 Québec
4e mariage: vers 1677, côte St-Michel à Sillery
Michel Legardeur dit Sanssoucy (Nicolas & Étiennette Simoneau)
de Chanceaux, Bourgogne, France; 30 ans au rec.66; 31 ans au rec.67, à côte St-Jean et St-François de Québec; 44 ans au rec.81, à côte St-Michel à Sillery; serrurier
d entre 03-02-1686 et 26-11-1691, Ste-Foy
n 31-08 b 01-09-1672 Québec
n b 04-12-1674 Québec
d après rec.81

Re: Re: Marguerite Gaillard dit DuPlessis

From what I can gather they do not know exactly which ship your ancestor came across on but they do know that she was one of 15 who came over in 1664. She was a widow(veuve)having lost her first husband Hercule in France. I copied this from the site....
Filles du roi de 1664

Yves Landry a répertorié quinze Filles du roi pour 1664. Jeanne BÉNARD, Fille du roi, selon Yves Landry, est aussi sur la liste des engagés de Delafosse. On ne sait sur quel navire les autres Filles du roi de 1664 se sont embarquées.

1- BARRÉ, Catherine (Jacques et Françoise Gauvrite), de St-Martin, Île de Ré, ar. et év. La Rochelle, Aunis (Charente-Maritime), n vers 1641, m 11-01-1665 Québec avec Mathurin CHAILLÉ.

2- BOUTET, Marie-Madeleine (Simon et Anne Devilliers, de St-Jacques-du-Haut-de-Pas, v. Paris, Île-de-France, n vers 1645, cm 15-09-1664 Québec avec Gervais BISSON.

3- CARBONNET, Madeleine (Nicolas et Anne Robin) b 09-02-1640 de St-Martin et St-Blaise, v. Meudon, ar. Nanterre, archev. Paris, Île-de-France (Hauts-de-Seine), m 11-08-1664 Québec avec Étienne SÉDILOT dit DESNOYERS.

4- CHARRON, Françoise, veuve de Michel Baron, de Moïze, près de Brouage, ar. Marennes, év. Saintes, Saintonge (Charente-Maritime), m annulés cm 19-04-1665 (Duquet) avec Zacharie Maheu et 16-10-1667 (Becquet) avec Robert DE LA MARRE.

5- COTTIN dit D’ARRAS, Marie-Catherine (François et Jeanne Lecain), de Ste-Croix, v. Arras, Artois (Pas-de-Calais),

n vers 1645, m 01-02-1666 Québec avec Pierre BRUNET.

6- DE MANGEON, Claude (Gérard et Alexie Fleuran), de Ste-Anne de Damare, Lorraine, n vers 1643, cm 23-11-1664 (Vachon) Î .O. avec Thomas LESUEUR dit LAGRANDEUR.

7- GAILLARD dit Duplessis, Marguerite (f Jean-Baptiste et de Catherine Lomelle), veuve Hercule Duperon, de Notre-Dame, v. Calais, év. Boulogne, Picardie (Pas-de-Calais), n vers 1637, m 26-07-1664 Québec avec François PROVOST.

8- GAMBIER, Marguerite (Antoine et Françoise Bernard), de St-Sulpice, faubourg St-Germain, v. Paris, Île-de-France, n vers 1637, m 26-08-1664 Québec avec Michel LEGARDEUR dit SANSSOUCY.

9- HUCHÉ, Françoise (f Jacques et Marie Danetz), de St-Eustache, v. Paris, Île-de-France, n vers 1645, m 30-10-1664 Québec avec Guillaume BONHOMME. Arrivée avec son oncle Charles DANET, de v. Paris, Île-de-France et sa tante Marie DESHAYES, v. Paris, Île-de-France, m vers 1664 Paris.

10- LAURENCE, Geneviève (…), origine inconnue, n vers 1641, m en 1664 avec Adrien MICHELON.

11- LEDOUX, Jacquette (Jean et Jeanne Hiout), de St-Martin, v. Esnandes, ar. La Rochelle ou de Notre-Dame-de-Coigne, v. La Rochelle, Aunis (Charente-Maritime), n vers 1640, m 10-11-1664 Québec avec Jacques GRIMAULT.

12- LOISEAU, Françoise (François et Barbe Garlin), de St-Sulpice, faubourg St-Germain-des-Prés, v. Paris, Île-de-France, n vers 1636, m 21-07-1664 Montréal avec Guillaume GENDRON dit LA ROLANDIÈRE.

13- MONTMINY, Marie (f Michel et Isabelle Larivière), b 25-02-1646 St-Jean, v. Rouen, Normandie (Seine-Maritime), m 07-01-1666 Québec avec Noël ROSE. Elle demande le 18-10-1688 au Conseil souverain la permission « de vendre la maison de son premier mari pour repasser en France avec ses jeunes enfants ». Charles MONTMINY dit JOUVENT, son cousin, l’a rejoint au pays avec ses deux filles, Marie et Barbe vers 1676. Peut-être repassée en France après 20-07-1690 avec son deuxième mari, François DUMAS et leur fille Marguerite.

14- VIÉ dit LAMOTTE, Marie-Sainte (Robert, sieur de la Mothe et SaintePaulin), de St-Nicolas-des-Champs, v. Paris, Île-de-France, n vers 1649, m 27-08-1664 Québec avec Jean POITRAS. Sa sœur Marie VIÉ, m 1659 Québec avec Hubert SIMON dit LAPOINTE et sa demi-sœur Marguerite BRETON, m 1651 Québec avec Nicolas PATENAUDE, l’ont précédée au pays.

Re: Re: Re: Marguerite Gaillard dit DuPlessis

Thank you so much, this will help me a great deal! I guess your right about the reasons why she left. I hadn't realized exactly what the Filles du Roi was all about until yesterday. I had thought I was desceneded from Royalty or something! hehehe

I gather she left because she was widowed. What I don't understand is that apparently Francois Prevost was born in France as well and that he married her in Quebec in 1664. Now I have to figure out when he immigrated to Canada. A lot of the Filles du Roi married the Army or Regiment men, I believe I read that somewhere.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Marguerite Gaillard dit DuPlessis

I believe Francois came to New France before the Carrigan Regiment. There is a good chance he immigrated as an endentured labourer. They were given passage and room and board in exchange for 2 or 3 years work on a siegneur's farm. After the time expired they could be granted their own piece of land. I copied this from the Provost genealogy site and I think it will help fill in your story for this pioneer couple.



François Provost, son of Marin Provost and Catherine Cornilleau, came from Tourouvre, parish of St. Aubin, Perche where he was baptized on August 27th, 1637

He died on April 6th, 1670 in Québec.

According to the 1667 census, he was living at Côte St. Michel, in Sillery, Québec.

Marguerite Gaillard dite Duplessis was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Gaillard and Catherine Lomelle and was the widow of Hercule Duperron, esquire. She was from Notre-Dame de Calais, Boulogne, in Picardie.

She was a "Fille du Roy", a King's Daughter, and came to New France in 1664 with some belongings worth approximately 200 pounds.

Here is a translation of the marriage act between Francois Provost and Marguerite Gaillard dit Duplessis which was written in Old French:

Il the year gbi Sixty Four the 26th
of July after engagement publication of three bans
at the homely on the 20th, 22nd, 25th July and no objection
said Messire Jean Lesieur, priest, dit de St.
Sauveur by permission of Monsignor de petrie, interrogated
in the Chapel of St.Jean, francois provost, don of deceased
Marin provost & de Catherine Cornille; from the parish of St.
Aubin of Tourouvre in perche bishopric of Chartres for one part
And Marguerite gaillard widow of deceased Hercule du peron, daughter
of deceased Jean Baptiste gaillard & de Catherine Lomelle from the
city of Calais parish of Notre Dame bishopric of Boulogne
on the other part their mutual consent taken by him has
solemny by words pronounced them husband and wife in front
of known witnesses, Sieurs Jean Bourdon attorney
general of the King, Denys Joseph Ruette d'auteuil, Concellor;
Nicolas gaudry dit La Bourbonnière Ece.

The Provost / Gaillard couple had only two children :

1.- Claude-Anne : born October 11th, 1665 in Québec.

She married Etienne CHEVALIER on October 28th, 1678 in Sillery, Québec : 5 children.

She died October 14th, 1590 at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Québec.

2.- François-Michel: born January 3rd, 1669 in Québec.

Married Catherine BONHOMME on October 23rd, 1695 in Québec : 12 children.

He died on June 4th, 1711 in Ste-Foy.

Widowed of François she married in Québec Louis SAUCIER on January 12th, 1671. The parish priest officiating was Henri de Bernières. She had two sons with Louis: Charles and Jean Saucier.

Finally, a third wedding, this time with Michel LEGARDEUR dit SANSOUCY before November 1677.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Marguerite Gaillard dit DuPlessis

Thank you so much for this information. This helps me a great deal.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Marguerite Gaillard dit DuPlessis

I am decscedant of Etienne Chevalier and Marie-Anne Claude Provost.

Marie-Anne claude Provost parents were Francois Provost and Marguerite Gaillard.