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Honoring the memory of our courageous ancestors, the filles du roi (King's Daughters) and the soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment of 17th century New France.

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Re: Jacques Surprenant

Here is the answer to your questions..........her first husband was not in th regiment. He died within a year so being a widow she remarried your ancestor. I copied this from a site called Our ancestors and it is in French. If you need translation please feel free to contact me.

Re: Jacques Surprenant

Sorry about the first post.........This is in french so if you need translation please feel free to contact me.
André Robidou dit L'Espagnol (Emmanuel & Catherine Alve)

de Ste-Marie-en-Galice, Espagne; 26 ans au rec.66, à Québec, matelot, engagé d'Eustache Lambert
d Laprairie s 01-04-1678 Montréal (35 ans)
m 07-06-1667 Québec (ct 16-05-1667 Duquet)
Jeanne Denot (Antoine & Catherine Leduc)
de St-Germain-l'Auxerrois de Paris, France; 36 ans au rec.81
2e mariage: Jacques Surprenant dit Sanssoucy Enfants:
1. Romaine
n b 11-07-1669 Québec
2. Marguerite
n b 10-11-1671 La Prairie
s 15-01-1672 La Prairie
3. Jeanne
n 19 b 20-09-1673 La Prairie
4. Guillaume
n b 28-11-1675 La Prairie
5. Joseph
n 13 b 15-01-1678 La Prairie

Re: Re: Jacques Surprenant

Thanks so much for your response to my post. I am interested in a translation. Does the "dit" mean he was nicknamed 'The Spaniard'??
Is that a listing of his children with Jeanne Denot? Thanks. Can you also give me the sourse of this info? Merci Beaucoup!

Re: Re: Re: Jacques Surprenant

Hi.......glad to be of help. This an excellent site and has some english but
the main index part is in french only.
Just click on "R" for Robidou and "S" for Surprenant and scroll down to your
ancestor. The spaniard part was not only a "nom de guerre" as this
fellow was born in Spain. The army used these dit names as a way of
differentiating as an Jean Leblanc from another Jean Leblanc
to notify next of kin if he were killed or wounded. Your ancestor Jeanne Denot
had a total of thirteen children from the 2 marriages I believe. Your Surprenant
ancestor was part of the Contrecoeur Company......the same company that
Andre Jarret de Beauregard my ancestor belonged to.....who knows they
could have been buddies. The only reason we are here now to talk about
them is because the Contrecoeur Company was left behind to build a fort
that still carries the Regiment's name.....Contrecoeur, Quebec. The rest of
the regiment went on a winter campaign against the Iroquois. Being unacustomed
to the climate many of them died from cold and starvation.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Jacques Surprenant

Hi..I was mistaken in my first post on his death there were 5 goes
Andre Robidou dit the Spaniard , Parents (Emmanuel & Catherine Alve) from Ste-Marie in Galice, Spain. He was 26 yrs old in the 1666 census in Quebec. He was listed as a sailor hired by Eustache Lambert. He died at Lapraire..01-04-1678 in Montreal at 35 years of age.
Married 07-06-1667 Quebec(16-05-1667) Notary Duquet
to : Jeanne Denot, Parents(Antoine & Catherine Leduc) from St-Germain-l'Auxerrois de Paris, France. She was 36 years old in the 1681 Quebec census.
2nd Marriage to Jacques Surprenant dit Sanssoucy.
Children of Andre and Jeanne
Marguerite....1671....died 1672

Re: Jacques Surprenant

I am a descendant of Jeanne Denot and her first husband Andre Robidou dit L'Espagnol. Between her two marriages Jeanne had 14 children. I have a lot of info on her if you would like to email me, I can send you a report or a tree. I also have info on her first marriage to Andre on my website at

Click on "Family Trees" then on " Belair dit Robidou" you will come to the story of my family.

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Replying to:

I am descended from Jacques Surprenant (dit. Sansoucy) who married Jeanne Denot. It is listed as her 2nd marriage. I thought all the Filles du Roi were single girls. I don't find her first husband listed in the Regiment listing (Robideau). Anyone else descended from this couple?? Some of Jacques' descendants ended up in Momence/Kankakee, IL and NW Indiana. Peter Surprise was an original settler in Lake Co., IN and was Jacques' g g g grandson. He lived in 3 centuries...lived to be 106 years old.

Excuse me....

excuse me, my name is sarah and i am doing a report for school on the filles du you think you can help me?

Re: Excuse me....

you can email me at with your question

Re: Jacques Surprenant

My mother's side of the family is all Surprenant and they all live in the Kankakee/Momence area. My great-grandfather was Philip Surprenant. The chances are good that we are descendents of the same Surprenants.

Re: Re: Jacques Surprenant

Be careful that you don't cross the 2 families together: where the dit lafountain lived or moved to, the dit sansoucy did also.