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Honoring the memory of our courageous ancestors, the filles du roi (King's Daughters) and the soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment of 17th century New France.

La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan Web Forum
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daughters of the king

I have at least on eancestor who was a daughter of the king. I have read several varying descriptions of these women, from refined young women requiring certain qualifications in order to participate, to orphans and criminals eligible for transport.
Can you suggest sources which truthfully describe these women?
thank you

Re: daughters of the king

One great source is Yves Landry's "Les Filles du roi au xvii'ème siècle" (1992), which is published in French by Leméac. Mr. Landry is a demographer, and provides wonderful details as to who were the filles du roi as a group (where they were from, geographically and socio-economically; where they settled; who they married; how long they lived and how many children they had; etc). They were a varied group, some from well-off families, other modest families, but no criminal element (that's a false rumour). On the other hand, some of the French women who settled in New Orleans had a checkered past.

Peter Gagné provides individual biographies and some genereal info in his two volume work, "King's Daughterss and Founding Mothers, 1663-1673 (in English), available through Quintin Publications.