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Honoring the memory of our courageous ancestors, the filles du roi (King's Daughters) and the soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment of 17th century New France.

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Introductions and question from the ancestor of Louis Balard d'ausson dit Latour

I am a descendent of Louis Balard d'Ausson dit Latour. My line had lost all connections to its roots. Before 2 year ago I did not know my great grandparents names now I know our families connection to regiment. I have tons of questions but let me limit them. Louis married as Louis Balar son of Pierre Balar and Bapienne Pilin from d'Ausson I have this document. I have yet to understand why it is believed that he was from Autun and that d'Ausson was presumed to be wrong. I have found d'Ausson to be a small town in the south of France, could this have been his real hometown? Also somehow Bapienne became Sabastienne, I cannot figure out that one either or why it was translated to Sabastienne. Is there some evidence somewhere that Louis just had a very thick accent or speach issue? The first mention I see of Balard-dit-Latour was in the marriage of Louis's son Augustan Sr. This record is almost impossible to read but I can make it out. Louis does not mention his "Known as Latour" when he gets married. I presumed that Latour was Louis' Noms de Guerre and that he went by d'ausson when he got to Quebec for some time as there was someone on the 1668 rolls of men who stayed that already used Latour. I am looking for anything more I can learn about Louis Balar or Balard d'Ausson dit Latour that can be learned. This is fascinating almost beyond belief for someone like myself and my family,that knew so little about family prior to this last year. I have all documentation proving the following line. I am Thomas Paul Latour, son of Henry Chester Latour, son of Leonard Chester Latour, son of Henry Oliver Latour, son of Moise Latour (Immigrated to U.S. 1882 with family, settled in Duluth, MN.), son of Pierre Balard-dit-Latour(Pierre dropped the Balard-dit with his second marriage to Marceline Monet), son of Charles Latour-dit-Balard (Name used when married), son of Francois Balard, son of Augustan Balard Jr., son of Augustan Balard Sr, son of Louis Balard-dit-Latour. It is so good to find you all at this site and I look forward to communications!

Re: Introductions and question from the ancestor of Louis Balard d'ausson dit Latour

Hi Tom. Welcome to the website, and the world of amateur genealogists. We at SFRSC agree that family history research is great fun, and can be very exciting (and frustrating at times).

Your may already know the following about your ancestor and his arrival as a Carignan soldier, but just in case, here's some more info (c/o our researcher, Bill):

"Louis Balard dit Latour d’Ausson was indeed a soldier in the Des Portes Company of the Carignan-Salières Regiment. He left France with his company on the ship Le Saint Sebastian, from the port of La Rochelle on May 24, 1665 and arrived in Quebec on September 12, 1665. This was the same ship that carried the new Gov. Courcelle and the intendant Jean Talon. It was a three and a half month journey and most of the men arrived in an ill state with a communicable disease, and most had to be helped from the ship and spend some time in the Hotel Dieu. Your ancestor was one of the lucky ones who survived this long journey and the illness that killed several of his fellow soldiers."

The discrepancy in names is common from this period of time (e.g. re his parents, Pierre Balard and Sébastienne Bilin), due to the poor literacy rate of that era (and the fact that record keeping for the average person was a new concept of the 17th century). An accepted spelling of surnames was established for French Canada (see René Jetté's "Dictionnaire..." (1983), the PRDH), which is what you found (compared to the spelling in the actual record - it's hard to call it a mispelling, as in those days, they were trying to figure out how to spell it).

We look forward to your further participation on the message board, and hope you consider joining our effort to honor our ancestors and their history and heritage.

Pres., SFRSC