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Re: Royal Oak development

I share all your sentiments, in fact I would go as far as
say that I have very disappointed that yet another public house in the
area is to be allowed to be developed.
I grew up in Bobbington and in my day, the Royal Oak played a significant part of the community, many people met there and a number of charity events (including ' the bike race') started there

It will be such a shame to see it go.

Re: Royal Oak development

I here marstons have now closed the pub down, presumably to favour and assist this planning application. No doubt they have been influenced by the buyer in some way shape or form! I guess nothing is stopping the application from proceeding now. My view is there should be some definitive conditions placed that will hinder any possible future development on the car park land. Even though this land is classed as green belt since the car park is already tarmaced will be a possible get out clause for the buyer who no doubt will argue till his blue in the teeth as to why he should be allowed to develop on solely the tarmaced area! By the way, I here it's the folks from halfpenny green golf club that are buying! Such a travesty! One would think they would want to preserve local heritage!

Re: Royal Oak development

Look What happened to the "Smithy" put a caravan on the site for a while then claim it residential and change the smithy into a cottage.?
Now look at the "Seven Stars"at Seisdon,turn the pub into a house the build 3 houses on the car park do you not think the same will happen in Halfpenny green.?