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Help -Plane Crash

Hi,I wonder if you can help me?Im seaching for infomation on an airplane crash which killed my mothers brother.On the 1st june 1944 at 1400hrs an Anson mark 1 serial number EF927 crashed at Gospel Ash killing all five men onboard.I would like to know if this was reported in the local papers{i know lots crashed in the war}.I would also like to find the crash spot and with the landowers permission put a plaque on the spot.Please can you tell me your local papers so i could look in their files,maybe there are some people still alive that can remember the crash.I know this is a long shot but i cant seem to find much infomation on 3(o)afu.I know that the plane was hit and the tail came off.maybe this will jogg a few memouries. Thank you for your time.

Re: Help -Plane Crash

I have only just started to look at the Bobbington website hence the delayed response to your message.
My parents told me that a plane crashed in a small wood that used to be part of a farm owned by the Roberts family. There were some dead trees where the plane crashed. The small wood was about 3/4 mile south of the airfield alongside the road that runs from the south west corner of the airfield to Highgate common. It may be just a story and it may not be connected with the plane crash that interests you.
Hope that helps.

Re: Help -Plane Crash

Hello.I was born in bobbington and went to the (temporary school)that is now the playground apparently this was erected because of a plane that took the tower off the Whitecross school I asked my Mom a few years ago if she knew of any plane crashes from the aerodrome and she surprised me with this info.A plane crashed by the school another I was taken back when she said Avro Ansons another crashed in Heathton and one by Roberts farm.I did find this on a site but cannot find it now VERY disappointed.?
Hope this helps.?Jim.