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Bodenham surname



I'm not a resident of Bobbington so perhaps my query will not be accepted but I will give it a try anyway.


While researching my husband's ancestors I came across a Thomas Bodenham (his great great grandfather?) in the 1891 census. Thomas gave his place of birth as Bobbington. He'd have been born about 1827. He and his family were living in Kingswinford at the time of the census. The name Bodenham seems to have at times become Bodman so this is causing me some problems.


I'd like to find out if the Bodenham name still exists in Bobbington and whether or not there is any evidence of it in any of the cemeteries in the area. Is there a way to access the Parish records?


Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you and regards,

Jenny Bodenham (in Canada)

Re: Bodenham surname

Dear Jenny,

My name is Alex Bodenham. I now live in Washington, DC in the United States; however, my family traces its roots back to Detroit, Michigan (where my Great Grandfather first entered the United States from England). I know very little about my family history, which is something that I have recently developed an interest in. My search has led me here.

I know that it is likely that there is more than one Bodenham family; however, I would like to see if we have a connection.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

Alex Bodenham