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Do you know Charles Webster?

As a member of the R.C.A.F. during the second World War I was privileged to have spent a period of my career at the air force station Halfpenny Green. This was almost 60 years ago. As a young officer and a new arrival to England, my interests and pursuits were other than the search for family history. Upon arrival home, and through meetings with family members, I was told by an aunt that my family, on my father's side, came from the Bobbington area. Of course now, as an old retiree, my interests have changed and I am now searching my family history. I would appreciate any help that you might suggest with my pursuit.

My name is Charles Edward Webster and my Grandfather who left Halfpenny Green area around 1860 was named Samuel Webster. ( I do not have his middle name)

Is this a familiar name in the area? 

Are there places to search for registrations of birth in the area?

I have many great memories of the countryside of your area which I traveled on my bicycle in 1942. I seem to recall a local pub called the Leg of Mutton.

Thanks for your time spent reading this note.

All the best Charles E.Webster.