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Re: Please Please put me straight on these issues.

Dear sir

You appear to overestimate the powers of the Parish Council, the spending powers are mainly controlled by the District Council and the County Council. Your particular concerns have been discussed by the Parish Council, however if you wish further discussion you should attend a Parish Council meeting, or write to the Parish Council who will always pass on parishioners requests to the appropriate body. As a small village our requests which require financial support have to fall in line alongside many other requests.

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Replying to:

I would like more up to date info on the airport please I have a number of

issues I would like to point out.

I live on the main bend in bobbington in a cottage, have two children and I

am a registered minder dealing with children all the time all day 5 days a

week. Where is the traffic calming. The cars whizz round here, I can pull

slowly out edging carefully because of the children and cars will whizz

round, hurl abuse as if I have pulled out and this happens time and time


Secondly, why are there no facilities for children in the village, some dodgy

park there are more young families now I can count 23 children already, where

do they play. Somebody in the village said, well it got vandalised!! so we

just let our children have that attitude as well, Is the parish council

aware of younger families here!!

Is the airport dead cert as a lot of people are seriously concerned and I

have not signed a petition for Bobbington is there one if so where can I

sign. I have sounded many people in the village who do not want this too

happen and I feel the village is doing nothing!!