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Re: Bobbington Parish Council

I am browsing 'the net' to try and find out what action Bobbington Parish Council are taking in order to prevent the horrendous airport expansion plans. I D Boulter's comments are so true - there is so much apathy - when are people going to wake up to the realisation their lives will change forever if these plans go ahead. Of course, what we must remember is that parish (and district) councils are made up of a number of very genuine, well-meaning people who want to do the best for the community they serve, BUT ALSO...there are those with hidden agendas, the power-seekers, the business men with an eye on opportunities ahead. Wonder which category yours fall in? All the best with your campaign - I've written to every MP I can think of...let's hope 'people power' makes a difference!!?

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I would like to put to the parish council, what on earth have they been doing

while this airport business is going on.

I am appalled at their lack of interest and after speaking to many residents,

they are all against it. If this goes ahead it will destroy everything around

here schools, housing in the area, and green belt land to name but a

few.Traffic congestion is bad enough in the summer without this. I have

spoken to many people in wolverhampton and various other areas, who say it is

ridiculous. People come to this area to relax, unwind in country pubs, cycle,

and to get away from stressful city life. The other airports such as

Manchester and Birmingham are but an hour away and I find it incredible that

Bobbington has done nothing, the people do not want this here. Codsall, Stourbridge, Wombourne, Claverly, Kinver, Swindon, Kingswinford . The people will make it known that WE DO NOT WANT THIS HERE!!!! The laugh of the Parish council was that I asked about the Speed in the

village especially on the bend, what about speed humps I asked, they replied,

they could be dangerous and they would not look nice in the village!!!! Well

when the passenger Jet flies over their house, and the countryside is ruined

think on.