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Bobbington - fond memories

I moved to Bobbington in 1965 with my mother Barbara (deceased) and my father Hiram aka as Mick (deseased). We lived in Brantley Crescent with good neighbours Mr & Mrs Munday and The Rutters. Lucy Lewis later moved into the Rutters and became a lifelong friend of my mothers. Jane and Andy Butcher were good neighbours, including Doreen Petch, Sally Mason and the Sankeys.
My brother Greg went to shcool at the Corbett in the village. I attended Ounsdale Comprehensive by coach. My village friends were Karen Smith (whatever happened to her?) Barbara Lewis, her sisters Jean and Carol and I often walked up the Six Ashes Road to see my friend Christina Broadway. The Blakelands: Gina Holland and her lovely red hair...
The Red Lion was then just a village pub mainly serving the local people. My mother donated the large oval mirror to the Licencee Peter during the refurbishment - it it still in situ in the resturant. Remember when we had a chip machine on the car-park? Haha.
My mother resided in Bobbington until 1984 and dad left circa 1996. I left in 1970 and Greg left for Devon Circa 1979.
Bobbington has a good community, fond family memories and a special place in my family history. My sincere regards to anyone who remembers us.
I was sorry to see the Old Vicarage, petrol station and shop demolished to make way for residential housing.
Great to see the dedicated website - I'll find some old photographs and post soon - and my very best wishes to anyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings! Wendy.