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2 males 1 female

i have 2 male gerbils named sandshrew and pikachu that have been clanned together since i bought them 5 months ago. ive kept my eye on this female gerbil at petsmart debating if i wanted to add another rodent to the family. she was paired up with 4 in the store originally and she was left behind so i felt bad and finnally decided i wanted to buy her. now i have 2 cages of russian dwarf hamsters a cage of 2 gerbils and a cage of 1 gerbil. i tried putting the 3 gerbils together...(before i knew of the split cage method) and it was a game of chasing the new gerbil... i felt bad for her she looked extremely scared.. so i took her out, i tried a few days later and one of the males attacked her.. do you think theres any possible way a splitcage would still work? im kind of running low on space with all the 4 rodents a tarantula and a 20 gallon turtle tank. and can somebody give me an idea where to purchase something to split a cage

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Re: 2 males 1 female

Hi! Sorry but once those two have clanned, and since they are males, you shouldn't put the female in with them. The males are now a clan and will attack any strange gerbil. i would not bother with a split cage. Putting males with female always results in babies. You are better off getting another little girl to split with the lone female.

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