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Medicating and fell at vet's office- now can't eat hard foods

I took Sam to the vet because he has been off balance and wobbly when he walks. She said his ear canal was very swollen which I'm guessing means he has an ear infection so she gave us piña colada flavored Dicural antibiotics. While at the vet, they scruffed him and he got away from them and got scared. He fell/jumped off the table and the vet said "they're pretty agile" and that he is fine. Well, now he won't eat anything hard. He tries to open sunflower seeds, but he can't do it. He can't even bite one after Inopen it for him. He tries to chew through hay, but it doesn't work and I have to soak his food to getbitbsoft enough for him and even still, he barely eats it. I emailed the vet yesterday and she said he probably still had a yucky taste in his mouth from the medicine. Obviously not. He tried to eat these things, it's not like he didn't want to. Also, I can't get him to take his medicine. I can't hold him on his back and he doesn't have much extra skin on the back of his neck to scruff him. The medicine also comes out way to fast from the syringe and I wasted almost 3 doses worth. Also, I thought he was just small, but I think he is underweight. He is much smaller than our other gerbil, James. I struggle for over an hour altogether today trying to give him his medicine and couldn't do it. I'm not sure if he broke a tooth when he fell or not. I can't really hold him still to check. I checked his top ones and they look ok, although there is a gap between them. I couldn't get his mouth open to see his bottom teeth. I emailed the vet this evening and hopefully she can help us somehow. Does anyone here have any advice for us? This has not been a good day. I don't know how many times I've cried today. I'm so worried about him.

Where From: Ohio

Re: Medicating and fell at vet's office- now can't eat hard foods

Hi,one of my gerbil is having the same problem right now. I've noticed that he is not chewing anything like he always do, and he can't eat anything hard, he loves sunflower seeds but can't eat it. I checked his teeth, and noticed that there is a gap between the top teeth like yours had. I just wondered what had happened to your gerbil. Did Vet call you back and fix the problem? is he doing OK now? I really appreciate if you could tell me how he is doing now. I'm worried about my gerbil,too. thank you for your help!