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Welcome to Heavenly Heart Gerbilry forum. Feel free to post a message.

This is the place to talk about your pocket pets like gerbils and mice. Keep the posts clean. Non-related pet stuff will be deleted. To return back to the Homepage, click on the HHG banner.

Heavenly Heart Gerbilry Forum
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Tell me about your pets

We like to talk about our little fuzzies. I have 4 girl gerbils and one little mousie. I have pictures of them at the website.

Gerbils: Speedy & Gimpy, Cloak & Dagger, and little Frankie the mouse.

Re: Tell me about your pets

I have one kitty cat named Sparkles. She is a calico short haired girl. I also have a black lab who is a very crazy boy! His name is Lucky. I have a red beta fish named Stamp and two gold fishies named Max and Sadie. I then have my little gerbil girlies named Sophie and Kali. They are so cute! They have only been here 2 nights and this is their 3rd day! Sophie is the "big sis" because she is a bit bigger and she is tan colored. Kali is the "lil' sis" and she is a greyish light brown and she has a white diamond on her head and some other white patches like on her belly ecspecially. I love all of my pets and it is so fun getting to know my new little baby girls!

Re: Tell me about your pets

Have a dog named Maddy she is a border collie and ocd for her ball I also have 2 cats one named Sadie who is a small multi colored cat who has short hair. My other cat Annie Rose, my sweet heart, has long hair that is all dark colors. She likes to like you and rub on you and be pet. Then there is 4 gerbils in the house hold 2 are mine Milo and Manny they are black and my little boys. The other ones are girls and they are black also although quite smaller than the boys there names are Scathic and Paranell. (I did not name them)I love my pets soooo much and yes you are going to love gerbils!

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Re: Tell me about your pets

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