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Split Caging

How does everyone do a split cage when introducing gerbils?

I am using plexiglass with holes in it with a 10 gallon tank. I have others using mesh.


Where From: Ohio

Re: Split Caging

Which did you find easier to do? I've never done one but probably will need to soon.

I just found this group but hope I can still reply to this message.


Re: Split Caging

It is just easier for me to use plexiglass with the holes but if you have wire mesh or if you have a smaller wire cage. You can use that also.

Re: Split Caging

When I got Nutmeg I didn't do split caging.
I cleaned Hatty's cage and took some of the of the old
stuffing( Care Fresh) and put it in the little cage I had Nutmeg
in. After she dug around in the stuffing I rubbed the rest on
her so she would smell like Hatty. I put Nutmeg in Hatty's
clean cage and left Hatty out. After Nutmeg had been in there for
awhile and used everything(so her smell would be there first) I put Hatty
in. It was rough at first, but now their the best of friends! The place
were we got Hatty and Nutmeg from suggested this. I hope this was
helpful in any way!

Hatty and Nutmeg's Mom