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This is the place to talk about your pocket pets like gerbils and mice. Keep the posts clean. Non-related pet stuff will be deleted. To return back to the Homepage, click on the HHG banner.

Heavenly Heart Gerbilry Forum
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Have Fun with your Gerbil!

If you have some ideas please share but here are some fun and entertaining things you can do with your gerbils. Gerbils love if you put a towel in the bath tub and but tubes and other things they can go through and climb on. This activity also builds up thier trust towards you. Gerbils like to make tunnels if you but a towel on your bed or on the floor and put them under it they love running in and out of the tunnels they make. (you might have to make some tunnels to get them started first.) I put my gerbils in the bathrooom alot with fun things to play with. (just make sure they cant fit under the doors) My gerbils enjoy learning things such us climbing up bird ladders that you can get at pet stores or jumping over tiny fences. You can buy the fences at toy stores for toy horses. But i made mine What i did was take two square pieces of card board and cut holes in the same spot on both. Then i put each end of the pencil in to the holes and taped a piece of decorated card board beneath it. And there you have it haha. Balls are great to buy at the pet store and put your gerbil in too. (just clean it out when you are done they tend to pea in it)Thanks and i hope you try some of these things.

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