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Is it possible to put 3 female gerbils together?

I wanted another gerbil but I don't know if I could put her with my other two babies. The problem is, they're 2 years old. The new one would be young, 3 weeks old aproximately. Is it possible?

Re: Is it possible to put 3 female gerbils together?

Since it sounds like your original pair are already bonded and have been living together most (or all) of their lives, I wouldn’t try an into with any more gerbils, as they would most likely gang up on the little one. Also three weeks is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY to early to be separated from the parents, six weeks is the earliest to go to new homes. Most pups are not even weaned until AT LEAST 4 WEEKS. Best to just let your female pair stay together in peace, and if you want more gerbils, you can get a pair of siblings, or two young (6-8) week olds that you can intro using the Split Cage Method. Good Luck!

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