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Looking for baby gerbils

Looking for 2 same sex pairs of baby gerbils for my kids 8,9, and 12. They are going in 2 separate cages.

Where From: Avon, Ohio

Re: Looking for baby gerbils

We got a pair of gerbils, and one already had a litter with another on the way! The first was 6 pups, 4-6 females, but they are only 7 days old, a bit too early yet to tell. Unfortunately I would allow you to have them, but they are still too young and probably one will not be a same sex pair since I want to keep 2 females. I really want to get them to you, but I just can't even though we are looking for future adopters, but these will only be in Reynoldsburg where I live.

Where From: Reynoldsburg, Ohio