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So another league bites the dust?

Or at least lies face down in the dust. Any thoughts, Beulah & co?

Re: So another league bites the dust?

Watch who you do business with . . .

So much of this league was done in secrecy. With secrecy comes a complete lack of accountability and this league had a history of it from the outset (SkyBlue in year 1 anyone?) Maybe if Hendricks had let what was going on with the Freedom be known to the public he could have gotten someone of better repute to buy the team. Or maybe if the owners of the other 5 franchises hadn't pretended like they knew how to run a league, someone could have said "no" at the outset. You didn't have to do much due diligence to know Borislow was going to be a whole lot of trouble. They must not have even bothered to look the guy up on Wikipedia before the sale was approved. Mistakes all the way around. Sadly, not surprised by the result.


Hey Beulah - are you still there? If so, where? (I don't think we can do the Olympics without you!!!)

Re: Olympics?

Hi Jordy - still here. Olys were great, no?

Re the reports - unfortunately not a lot of readership for the WWC and I've been really busy at work so I made the decision not to do them for the Olys. Undecided about whether I'm going to start doing something with the website again or not. Will have to think on it . . .

Re: Olympics?

Thanks for the response. Oly's were awesome (tho I was disappointed in some of Carli's seemingly ungenerous comments afterwards - she's got a bit of a chip on her shoulder, which doesn't serve her well, IMHO). Your posts through the years have been much looked forward to by all the soccer buffs in my world. If you decide to write again, that will be awesome. If not, please know how much your work has been mulled, enjoyed, and appreciated.