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Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Hey - I coulda been a diplomat

Thanks everybody - I have to admit I was pretty reluctant to do it, but it wound up being kinda fun.

And the folks over at Inside Soccer are good people - I talked a bit to Melodie and Brian Halliday and had a very positive experience with them both - and let's face it, a show like this doesn't have to touch on the women's game at all but they seem quite dedicated to and enthusiastic about covering it - in the post Mia years, that enthusiasm is important and should be supported.

Anyway - thanks for listening and for the support . . . I will try and get some new content up on the site some time . . . really . . . I will . . .


Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Hi Beulah, I just listened, and you did great. It was nice to hear your voice, and, at the risk of making you self-conscious, you speak well.

Thanks for being brave enough to go public.


Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Brilliant interview Beulah! You were incredibly insightful, and even showed a wee bit of tact... which we all know must have been excruciating for you.

For all of us that have been participating on this forum for the past few years... or just watching (like me), I can honestly say that we're very proud of you.

And I agree with the previous poster that you should become a regular on that program.

You're a natural!!!

Well done.

Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Hey now . . . I can be tactful . . . for short periods of time . . . in controlled circumstances.

Ya know, I felt like I needed a shot of something when it was over and figured it was nerves, but now that I'm thinkin' about it, it was probably the energy I spent trying to maintain that tact . . . the whole time I just kept the following phrase running through my head: must . . . not . . . mention . . . Lorrie . . . Fair . . .

It was exhasuting, really . . .


Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Speaking (actually writing) as one who has done a lot of radio interviewing-- some of it quite badly, forcing me to study it--you are much better at being interviewed than she is at interviewing... and your tact was noticeable without being obstructive, which isn't all that easy. Was "proud fer ya" as my hillbilly cousins say.

Don't get caught in the "dead air is poison" mystique though-- if you are formulating a thought you don't need "y'know" as a space holder. Just speak when you are ready; the pauses aren't anywhere near as long as it feels while you are taking them, and they add a kind of gravity to your air persona. If you claim the right to take them, the audience will figure you're an expert and entitled to respect.

I did think the modesty was excessive tho'-- no one agrees with as much as half of what you write? I'd have thought most everybody did... its why there's so much anticipation for match reports; we're waiting with bated breath to find out what it is we agree with!

Withoutcha we'll have to do as much as all of our thinking for ourselves...

The National Lacrosse League analogy occurred to me too- A niche sport which seems to have achieved a modest prosperity by enjoying its nicheness. But I wonder to what extent it survives on being essentially year round?

I didn't think Boxx was all that good a player at the start of WUSA-- I thought it was the league which made her great... (I said more than half, not all) But I suppose we need a poster child for "slipped through the cracks" and she's the obvious choice... I certainly think we need to not be writing folks off at 19...

Nice to hear your voice-- nmj

Re: Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Thanks John.

That's not the point I was making about Boxx at all though. I wasn't saying that she slipped through the cracks at 17 or 18 . . . or even at 22 or 23 - I have no doubt they get the best 17 or 18 year olds - it's that the program has tended to evaluate 17 or 18 year olds, make their determinations and make decisions about worthiness based on those presumptions 6 or 7 years later. They pick a player pool when they're kids and it just gets smaller and smaller and smaller until you're left with a couple of National Team caliber kids. My point is that you can't know when a kid is 17 what she'll look like at 24 and that re-evaluation with a clear mind/clean slate needs to be done or you miss the Shannon Boxxes of the world and the Jena Kluegels and Lorrie Fairs stick around much longer than they should.

The point was that because she developed later, you'd miss her now if you didn't make sure to take a look at a wider swath of players with a clear mind rather than simply limiting your player pool to those who starred at the youth levels. This is why I prefer the written word - you can make sure you're saying what you mean to be saying this way


Re: Re: Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Oh- then we do agree much more than half the time! Cause fersure the Nats could use a network of "bird dogs" like baseball teams have...

I'm sorely tempted to add a bracket whine on Gonzaga's behalf so I'll leave now...


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

I heard your interview and was looking forward a great deal to finding your website and getting some extra details about the current players,,,,but I don't see anyting about the current team and Greg Ryan. With the exception of this group of forum comments everything appears outdated. Did I miss understand or just come at a bad time?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

I do commentary on the games, not general reporting. Unfortunately, these Algarve matches aren't televised and I have no access to tapes so there won't be any match reports. For more general information you might try Melodie's site

Apologies if that wasn't clear during the interview - I didn't mean to mislead anyone. I hope you check back after the next televised Nat Team match to see if there's anything here you might be interested in.


Re: Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

Hey no need to slight Melodie's interviewing skills. She's a producer, so I don't exactly expect her to be Barbara Walters. She does the segment b/c she loves women's soccer, and I appreciate it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Beulah on World Soccer

I agree. They're doing a great job over there and made a very reluctant interviewee (me) feel quite comfortable before, during and after the program.