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Holdsclaw in Hollywood

So there's your trade, Beulah-- Mique to the Sparks for Delisha Milton-Jones and the thirteenth pick in the 05 draft... Seems reasonable? Milton-Jones is a pretty similar player if you leave out the part about not being as good, isn't she? Thirteenth in this draft oughta get you a decent player, but it looks as though only the very best will play much in their first year anymore?

Re: Holdsclaw in Hollywood

Not as good can sometimes be better John. Delisha "Sunshine" or "D-Nasty" (depending on who you ask) Milton is all about team and all about winning and not about drama at all. I wish Mique well, but I also happily say goodbye. Rumor mills were saying that the trade took so long because we were trying to get Tamecka Dixon too, but ya know, I kinda like this. Hearing that we were trying to work something for Yolanda Griffith but took this instead gives me pause (maybe Sacto thought twice or wanted 1 up or the age thing was a factor, who knows) but it's finally done and we can move on at last. It will be nice to be able to go to the basketball game and talk about nothing but basketball instead of the newest drama and trauma in our superstar's life.

And this is the place for rookies here - they'll get some time - well, we still have that little issue of having a hack for a coach and Linda Hargrove won't be holding his hand, but our 3 spot is open . . . and we could use a center . . . and a point guard . . . basically we're good at the 2 and the 4 . . . oy, might be a long year . . . 5 and 13 picks, we should at least get role players. And now that the Mique situation has been handled maybe we can make a signing or two.

Here's hoping Sunshine sharpens those elbows before she hits town


Re: Re: Holdsclaw in Hollywood

Actually I should have looked before I wrote on the rookies-- only four averaged 30 min last year, but I found 16 who were ten or over. Ten minutes is a real contribution... Christon had the fifth most minutes and 13 would be the vicinity of Butts, Mazzante, Hayden. So if they choose well you should get two players...

And amen to a return to a simpler life. I'm watching spring training games daily, but all that's discussed is the "s" word-- no one's talkin' baseball, dammit!