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Re: Tan White?

Tan White is a wonderful wonderful player, John. Spotted her as a freshman when LaToya was still at Miss State and they got some coverage and have made it a point to watch them to see how she's been doing since LaToya graduated. She can score from anywhere, she can rebound, she can defend and she's got pretty good b-ball smarts and is just as entertaining to watch as anyone out there - think Seimone Augustus but not as throwback (which means fewer Alex English 10-12 foot jumpers and more penetrating the lane for layups - and she hits the boards better too).

And important for Indiana, she knows how to score 20 points in a game without the offense running through her - she played with LaToya Thomas being the centerpiece for 2 years and always managed to find her way to the bucket and accentuate the positives in the team superstar rather than detracting (i.e., she won't have any problems being second fiddle to Catch). She's my early pick for Rookie of the Year - she's precisely what they need in Indy too - definitely worked out well for them there - she's potentially a starter assuming Kelly Miller's playing the point.

And can you believe how unprofessional Adams's timing was - it is completely O'Malley's and Pollin's fault - this is a man who never had even the remotest interest in coaching the Mystics and never should have been hired. Dan Hughes should have been hired last year and we wouldn't be in this predicament. My hope is that Linda Hargrove just becomes the coach - she was pretty much the coach last year anyway, let's give the players some continuity.

What kills me most about it - we finally have some great people in here - mature, hard workers (you forgot to mention that we signed Charlotte Smith-Taylor . . . too funny, we now have two Smith-Taylors . . . what are the odds . . .) and now this knucklehead quits on the eve of the draft. Just unprofessional. Marianne Stanley never should have been fired - pick a coach and give that coach a few years to make it work - obviously changing coaches every dang year doesn't work. ARGH

Conn traded Feenstra and their first round pick next year for Dydek. I think it's a terrible mistake. Thibault is so big on players who are scrappy, aggressive and work hard and Margo Dydek is just notoriously not that . . . We shall see. Not a bad draft though - most priceless moment was that opening shot of Michael Irvin napping . . . made my whole morning


Re: Re: Tan White?

B- Nuts! I was on the phone and missed the opening shot...

Thanks for the White report-- I must have seen her as a freshman, but my memory's not what it used to be.

I wonder-- if it was Adams' idea its really bush league. But in my paranoid schizophrenic way I can't help but wonder if the powers that be looked at who they were going to get and how much was going to need to get done in your camp this year, and found him a lifeboat... of course the rational managment would only do that if they knew who was going to take his place...

Do you see the flow chart for this roster? As the outsider it looks like the glass is not only not half empty, its more than all full... who plays, who sits, and who goes? Speed, height, not a lot of beef, lot of good attitudes, potentially a terrific defense.

And their first round pick? That's an awful trade-- I heard it as straight up, and not being convinced that Feenstra's any better than Jordan Adams I thought it was a great deal... Why would you do that-- is next year's pool that bad? That's trading all of TWO careers for maybe 1/3 of one...

Boy Phoenix had a nice draft, huh? And Charlotte and San Antone... only one foreign player...

Re: Re: Re: Tan White?

Charlotte hasn't just had a nice draft, they've had a brilliant off season . . . I think they're the team to beat in the East.

And I guess Thibault really really wanted Dydek - I don't think it will be a particularly deep draft next year (excellence at the top with Currie, Young and Augustus, but not much much deeper than this year) so he gave up the pick. The folks in San Antonio were so frustrated with Dydek anyway, they essentially gave up nothing and got Feenstra and Conn's pick next year - as you point out, the Silver Stars had a nice draft day (Dan Hughes . . . and he could have been ours)

And I'm not so perplexed with the Stix - we're not overhauled that much more than half a dozen other teams in the league. We've got three players (Johnson, Jackson, Brown - but again, Jackson is an unrestricted free agent who remains unsigned) competing for the point; Alana with Coco backing her up at the 2; Milton will be the starter at the three (assuming her knee is fine - Swin Cash has set a new standard for 3s in the East, you've got to have someone Delisha's size playing the three these days) with Melvin at the 4 (for now - my understanding is that we're trying to trade her) with Charlotte Smith-Taylor and Aiysha Smith backing up both of those spots and Tillis and Sanford duking it out at the 5.

Page will be the 10th-11th player filling in at the 4 and 5 spots mainly kept on board to keep the fans happy. I might be forgetting someone and I hope we'll find a three point sniper to fill out the bench, but that's not real confused or real different from what we were doing at the end of last year - just a slight upgrade on some of the personnel and letting Alana shift back to the 2 where she belongs. We're going to be a running and gunning team - mobility and versatility at the 3-5 spots is key (Tillis runs the floor like a guard) . . . and when necessary, Nakia can hold her own posting up down low in a half court offense with probably two-thirds to three-quarters of the 5s in the league - she was really overshadowed in the most improved player vote last year, but she really came into her own.

My thing with wanting Hargrove to take over is that she built this team, she knows what to do with it, she was basically our coach last year let's give her some time to make it work. She coached .500 basketball with far less talent than this when she was in the West with Portland, I think she can keep this a playoff team in the East.

And yes, it was obvious Adams didn't treat this as a real job from the start. My issue is not with him leaving - it's the timing of it - he never should have taken the job when he obviously was completely unqualified and obviously thought it was bush league. It was a disservice to everyone and as far as Abe Pollin and Susan O'Malley (I'm sure he wasn't Summit's choice) are concerned, they owe the fans an apology - we have put up with a lot here in DC and still, we keep the Stix running in the black (or close to it) and I can tell you, the season ticketholders here took his hiring as a spit in the face - there was no rational explanation for it. As for it being the team's idea for him to leave on the eve of the draft - uhhh, no, I don't think so. This is another black eye for the organization - Lobo was doing all she could not to laugh whenever she spoke of the Stix and Ann Meyers was speaking with a roll of the eyes in her tone . . . I don't think the organization intentionally looked like buffoons on this one.

And you don't have to look any further than the assistant coach hires then to realize they were hiring people to hold his hand - Marynell Meadors and Jeff House? Both are head coaching material in the league - their hire says to me that they were setting this up to be the Adams figurehead situation we had last year. You wouldn't hire these assistants if you were forcing him out - you wouldn't need these assistants if you were forcing him out. If Hargrove takes the job, she needs a youngish former player on staff more than she needs Marynell Meadors.

As for the foreign players - only one got drafted but there were over a dozen foreign signings in the off season - not sure how those rules work but lots of Aussies were signed in the offseason, a big Russian center at Detroit, Sacto signed two Chinese girls, I think a player or two from the Israeli league are on training camp rosters . . . there will be a huge foreign influx this year.


PS - Irvin had the headsets on and he was on that videophone, they flashed to him during the intro and his head was on his chest - they flashed back to Pam who was just kind of sitting there mouth agape not knowing what to say and trying not to laugh (she said nothing and managed not to chuckle). Heh heh, it was priceless.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tan White?

B- Well you left off Gortman and Amachree, but I wasn't figuring they were any more than camp bodies... Morehead (your third choice) probably isn't either, but at 5'11" 190 she's basically my size, and a good passer, boxes out well. Don't have any impression of her defense-- the game I saw her in was the kind of mad scramble that a disciplined player can't look good in. I'm not _sure_ she can't play.

Chones looked like she was becoming useful at the end of the year? That was illusion? But of course you think there may be a trade yet...

And your number two choice, Smith-Taylor the younger; I'm a little surprised to see her listed at 135-- she may need gym time. But I think of her as a kind of pocket Sandora Irvin-- fast, agile, fluid, terrific baseline moves and consistent about those 2 foot shots I rail about... and dangerous both ways in transition... I'll be very surprised if she can't find a role...

I suppose if you had wanted Dydek in her draft year you might think San Antonio just doesn't know what to do with her... and she is huge, which you can't just find another of... and if you really need defensive rebounds she does do that...

But that's are still trading 20 years of first choice for maybe six of a so-far fairly unsuccessful player. Even if you don't really like Feenstra AND don't like next year's pool AND think you can get 20% more out of Dydek that's still something like giving 2 1/2 to get 1... I'm not sure I'd make that deal for Lisa Leslie...

Any chance Meadors or House winds up with the job?

So you're saying Irvin was just asleep, not faking? He used to be quite the party boy-- maybe he burned the candle in too many directions the night before...