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Re: Any thoughts on lineup for Canada game?

Well, Fotop is said to be back in shape after two kids and two ACLs and blowing away whatever league she's playing in... Fair supposedly had a great season with a European club, and she's still young enough and certainly athlete enough to be an asset if the right spot can be found for her...

I'm a bit more interested in the call to Marci Miller, wondering if she can back Boxx effectively-- that still seems to me the most pressing need. I'm also looking forward to seeing the folks I've never seen, or in one case heard of... Frimpong is it?

Also be interesting to see if Tarpley is going to play the point or Foudy's wing, and if she plays the point who is going to play Foudy's wing... it might be different but not crazy to try Millie there, or it might make more sense to put O'Reilly there and Millie up front on Lil's side... a lot of the entertainment will be starting to get a sense of how Ryan sees things and how that differs from April's view.
nm john