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Welcome Back

Glad to see your website back on line, and just in time for the College Cup. Any chance of match reports for next weekend's games? Along with great soccer, should be some good scouting for the WPS draft.

Re: Welcome Back

Thanks - some aggravating and ultimately expensive technical difficulties.

Not sure I'll do full blown match reports, but I'll do something. I tell ya - if Portland gets past UCLA, that Portland-Stanford game is definitely going to be something to see. To me, that Portland team is everything good about women's college soccer - I absolutely love the way they play, love the way they're coached and love that with them it's a team game. And someone whose opinion I trust raves just as ardently about this year's Cardinal team, so I hope it's a good matchup.

I'm surprised to see Notre Dame get so far in what I think even Waldrum would acknowledge is a rebuilding year and UNC's bracket was so stunningly non-competitive it would have been shocking had UNC not easily advanced. They should fairly easily dispatch Notre Dame as well. Stanford/UCLA/Portland can all give UNC a good game in what should be their first challenging match of the tourney (maybe ND will come through, they just looked at least a year away from anything special every time I saw them this year though).

Anyway - I think you're the only person I have left checking in on my site at this point. Thanks for that. Hopefully a few more folks will check in next weekend. If not, we'll have a nice chat about it