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Wednesday ride 22nd May

Super punctual and looking sharp from the Mammoth store at 6pm.

Gradual start over Gt. Haywood climb, ramping things up to the Bull & Specs. Brief re-group followed by 'through and off' style effort all the way to Salt...every man for him self from there!

If we ride 'smart' and keep things tight in the group there is a good chance we can all arrive on the Tixall Road together for a pleasant finish.


Re: Wednesday ride 22nd May

Ih21m39secs 22.7mph. Thank you everyone for a 31 mile tow!


Re: Wednesday ride 22nd May

I think that's one of the best rides yet. Everyone looked extremely smart, and there was some serious contribution to the pace. Big John Dolan used his levers marvellously well.....hopefully the Doc got some good power figures on his home made contraption.

Onwards and upwards!


Re: Wednesday ride 22nd May

Ace ride tonight, loved it, felt alot stronger tonight. Missed your jump up salt though Gaz, you flew past me.

Re: Wednesday ride 22nd May

Sorry for baling at Hixon but I've been fighting off a cough for 2 weeks and I've entered 4 TTs in the next 11 days, so it will be kill or cure....

49 years, 11 months, 2 weeks and 5 days. Not that I'm counting or anything......