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Brecon Titan Half

After having my appetite wetted (literally) by watching some amazing performances in the Staffs Half Iron man, all you guys did amazing especially in some fairly dire weather conditions. I and the rest of my family thoroughly enjoyed reversing roles and standing at the side supporting all the competitors.

Anyway the following weekend it was my turn to submerge myself into the cauldron of pain and suffering. The Titan Brecon half certainly stayed true to the hype which I had heard about it being a particular tough course, but I took this with a pinch of salt, I mean how tough can it be really?

OMG! Boy apparently it can get pretty tough, the swim went as my swims usually do laced with some particular drama always resulting in me exiting the water feeling like I have just narrowly avoided a near death experience!

At this point I usually start to crank it up and revel in what is my strongest discipline, but after a short technical decent out of transition the road went up and up, no real time to get into a nice rhythm.

So the pain started much earlier than I had expected and then continued for the next 50 miles at which point the big hammer came down and turned my wheels square, I pushed on through the last 10 excruciating miles which included the climb of "iron mountain" which I performed in a delirious state in a dehydrated and void of all energy I finished the last few tortuous miles. To complete the sixty miles (unbeknownst to me at the time) in the second fastest split.

Well if I thought that I was in a bad way on the bike once I tried to start to run I realized that thirteen miles is a long way for every footstep to be painful, if I am honest I nearly threw my hand in and accepted defeat but with some great support and encouragement from the marshals and feed station crews (to whom I give credit to me finishing the race) I slowly pushed on completing each lap slowly crawling closer to the finish line and an end to the suffering.

How strange it is how quick we forget the pain and suffering and reflect on the highlights of our race I thoroughly enjoyed the race and would come back next year better prepared. Some days we have good days, some days thing don't go to plan but we push on to the finish, this is what defines us, we are competitors we face our challenges head on and when it seems impossible to carry on we dig really deep down to the bottom of the suit case and pull out those last reserves which will enable us to reach the finish no matter how long it takes.

Swim 39:58. Bike 2:57:53. Run. 2:20:47. Finish time. 6:03:15

Looking forward to the next one!