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Re: It's an outdated sport

My word, you have a far superior memory than yours truly (or an excellent filing system - Congrats!) to enable you to quote accurately one of my earlier statements, as below:

"I would have preferred to raise this issue, confidentially, in private rather than in a Public Forum, however, as you prefer not to share an e-mail address you leave me no option but to use the only alternative route, i.e., this Forum"

I can't recall when, or in what context, I made that statement but I am sure you will agree that it is not current and pre-dates the onset of a spate of offensive anonymous emails that caused me to remove my address from future posts, as I explained quite recently.

Since beginning this post I have learned that it is your intention to withdraw from the Forum - That is sad. However, if you are still there at present may I say that if I am responsible in anyway for you reaching this decision, then I apologise unreservedly.

As the new US President Trumper is wont to say: "Why cain't we all jes' get along..?"

'Insha-allah! (if my memory serves me well..)

Bill (BB5)