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The virus

I would just like in this very stressful time to wish all my former Suez comrades good health and hope that the restrictions on us with self isolating are not making your lives difficult in any way. Our area of British Columbia has been affected but not in the serious way of some. My wife and I having just celebrated sixty years of marriage are making out not too badly, but the loss of free movement is uncomfortable. Our son would come to visit is, but he is concerned that his apartment would be one of the many that have been broken into lately, he is also of course most concerned of bringing any possible infection with him. Our late daughters daughter is just like her mother was with us, always wanting to take care of us, she wants very badly to come and visit and is doing her law degree at home at the moment, so is free to travel but again the fear of infection was considered.

I had the strangest emotional occurrence when my granddaughter telephoned, her voice , her manner, and her control of us was like talking to my daughter who had passed seven years before almost to the date, between all the things going on when we hung up I actually cried like a baby having a second chance at that type of love, and realising just how much I missed my daughter. I really am getting old. God bless guys,stay well, and safe.

Re: The virus

Greetings Bob, to you and your good lady, and belated congratulations on your Silver anniversary.

Anything else i could say would sound trite, so I'll stop there.


John Grant

Re: The virus

Thanks John for your good wishes I thought the forum was gone and just found it. We got 60 wonderful years of a loving marriage, and had a sixty two year love story, sadly Esther died on 2 AUGUST,2020. It transpired she had a brain tumor, any remedy could have been very difficult, and possibly the surgery itself could be fatal, she opted to not do anything and was given two months to live, she actually passed after five weeks. I am as I have for that period doing this post with tears in my eyes, I am sad, lonely, and not the brave man I always thought I was . Bob