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friends from Australia

Hi guys and friends glad to see that the website is still operating Thanks to Richard.
it seems that the Motherland is in a bad way with this virus, lets hope that they can get rid of it quickly.
I dont hear from many Veterans these days I dont think there is many of us left.
i did have a good chat with Charles Lewis a few weeks ago, it was good to hear from him again as we have a couples of things in common both of us are Scvets and scouses, what a combination.
Well Lads nice talking to you all but i must go and put the heaters on as its getting cold.
john dodd

Re: friends from Australia

Out of the Blue a few weeks ago, I received a phone call from Pat (Paddy) Grant of Ellesmere Port. Total surprise!
We served together at HQ:MEAF, Abu Sueir in 1950/51. We met once, subsequently at a SVA Blackpool Reunion, about 25-30 years ago.
I am in my 90s: Pat is a few years younger. We are both widowers...
Ne'er mind, eh...


Re: friends from Australia

Hi Rick!

Big surprise - I was at that Norbrek reunion too. I can't remember the year but Pat was there with his wife. The meeting was well attended but Pat was the only one of my old comrades present.