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friends from Australia

Hi guys and friends glad to see that the website is still operating Thanks to Richard.
it seems that the Motherland is in a bad way with this virus, lets hope that they can get rid of it quickly.
I dont hear from many Veterans these days I dont think there is many of us left.
i did have a good chat with Charles Lewis a few weeks ago, it was good to hear from him again as we have a couples of things in common both of us are Scvets and scouses, what a combination.
Well Lads nice talking to you all but i must go and put the heaters on as its getting cold.
john dodd

Re: friends from Australia

Out of the Blue a few weeks ago, I received a phone call from Pat (Paddy) Grant of Ellesmere Port. Total surprise!
We served together at HQ:MEAF, Abu Sueir in 1950/51. We met once, subsequently at a SVA Blackpool Reunion, about 25-30 years ago.
I am in my 90s: Pat is a few years younger. We are both widowers...
Ne'er mind, eh...


Re: friends from Australia

Hi Rick!

Big surprise - I was at that Norbrek reunion too. I can't remember the year but Pat was there with his wife. The meeting was well attended but Pat was the only one of my old comrades present.



Re: friends from Australia

Hi Bill!
It was good to see your response and discover there is somebody out there.
Nevertheless the phrase 'flogging a dead horse' springs to mind, despite your attempts earlier this year to re-awaken some life in the old beast.



Re: friends from Australia (and elasewhere)

It's right, about the'dead horse' Mate. Another phrase that springs to mind is 'All Quiet on the Western (Eastern?) Front'...

Maybe we should emulate the Arabs by 'Folding our tents and silently steal away..' (Longfellow, I believe, or maybe Kipling..?)

Re: friends from Australia

Hi John
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but to-day I received a message from Gwynn's Daughter Julia, she says that Gwynn passed away on March 13th after being ill for a while. I had called him a few times with no reply so when he posted to the Forum on 3rd Feb saying he had back problems which limited his computer time I felt a sense of relief. Following to-days message that's been replaced by a deep sadness at the loss of another special Friend.
Arthur Ledger, Jack Wheeler, Alan Webb, Gwynn Felton. I never met any of these men, but both they and myself share with all who served in the Canal Zone a very special relationship which is worth cherishing.