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Typhoid outbreaks at R.A.F. Abyad..


Several times over the years I've heard "In 1950 there was a massive typhoid outbreak at R.A.F. Abyad. 300 died."

Most Saturdays I have a phone chat with a Suez-vet pal, and to-day the topic came up again.

I again searched the net, and found this -

Numerous outbreaks are discussed, including those at Abyad, so I thought it worth passing on.

John Grant.

Re: Typhoid outbreaks at R.A.F. Abyad..

I was at RAF Abyad from 1951-1954. I have tried to get people to remember those lads buried there, but no one seems to care.
I would like to find an ex RAF chap who was at Abyad, if any are still around.

Ex Cpl Tech John Iles 21, Brownlow Avenue Bitterne SO19 7 BX.

As it is 70 years since the occupation the same time as the Queen's Jubilee, you would think someone would put it in the papers!

Best wishes

Old John

Re: Typhoid outbreaks at R.A.F. Abyad..

Hello John,

I can't offer any help I'm afraid. Since the disbandment of the S.V.A. I've no idea who, if anyone, has custody of the membership records, and in mid-April I received the sad news that Richard Woolley had died, closing off another search avenue.

Similarly I have no idea whether the Canal Zoners organisation is still running: it may be - I've just checked and found that their web-site is still "live."

Best of Luck,

John Grant.
(205 Group Tents and Welfare Bus Service.