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Did you know Corporal John Ovens, Suez Zone early 50’s ?

John spent time during his National Service in Suez in 582 Coy RASC during 1951 or 1952. He is 90 next week and, whilst not in good health John speaks about his time there quite often and in a good way unless flies and sand come up.
He was a corporal and pleased with the albeit belated award of a medal for the work the army did in Suez and the sacrifices made.
His family in the UK are gathering, ready to invade Wales where he lives now as soon as we are able to. Border is closed to the English just now. Takes you back eh? 😂

Originally from Bournemouth, John had six children and a successful career after the Arm. He was elected chairman for Flintshire County Council, meeting the Queen along the way.
If anyone did know him, please let me know as I’ll be seeing him quite soon after his birthday when the border opens.

I’ve enjoyed the little bit of research that enabled me to reach this forum. As numbers that served in the Suez Zone inevitably dwindle, it’s a story that should be more prominent I think.

Respectful regards to all and hope things during Covid have gone as well as they can.

Partner to one of John’s daughters.