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I was present at the laying up of the S.V.A. standard at Sunderland Minster 10th Oct.21 Great day,

maurice thompson
Richard Woolley
We regret that the Laying-up Service of the SVA Standard at Sunderland Minster has been postponed because of the swift spread of the coronavirus. As we don\'t know what is going to happen, or what the situation would be, in a few weeks time, we thought this would be the safest action.
It will upset some peoples plans for that weekend, and hotel bookings be cancelled, and for this we apologise.
The Service will take place sometime in the future when things are not so threatening, details will be put on this Forum.

In the meantime, I wish everyone good health.
Richard. :persevere:
i was at sunderland for laying up of the standard. it was agood show.
It all went very well even with a small attendance . I think Cedric carried it out very well .