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70 years ago this month!

If he didn't like it he shouldn't 'ave joined!

RAF Driver Went Home For Night
February 2, 1950-AN RAF driver of nineteen, who drove his ambulance off the official route and spent the night with his parents when he was faced with fog after ten hours on duty, was sentenced to twenty-eight days' detention at a Stradishall (Suffolk) court-martial yesterday.
He pleaded guilty to conduct prejudicial to good order and air force discipline. The sentence is subject to confirmation.
His defending officer said that, young and inexperienced, he "succumbed to a sudden temptation."
The driver, Alec George Jackson, an AC2, of Lots Road. Chelsea, was reported overdue at Stradishall after he had been detailed to drive a warrant-officer and his wife to an RAF hospital at Halton.
'Had No Map'
Defending officer, Flight- Lieutenant E. A. Knighton, said Jackson got lost and eventually passed through London. He was not issued with a map, had to rely on signposts, and the weather was inclined to be foggy.
After dropping his passengers he had been on duty ten hours and had a night drive in front of him in foggy conditions.
With the possibility of having to spend the night on the roadside, the attractions of being able to call and see his parents proved too strong for him.
His elder sister was expecting a baby and he also wanted to see her. He had been in the service only a year.
(The Daily Mirror.)