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Hello everyone, a bit of sad news.

Due to the sweeping Coronavirus and not knowing how serious it will be in the next few weeks, we have been advised to postpone until a later date the Service of Laying-up the Association's Standared at Sunderland Minster on 29th March 2020.
It is unfortunate this action has to be taken, but we feel the health of members is important.
When we do feel it safe to continue, we will inform as many members as possible, and updates will be announced on this Forum.

We think, and hope, you will understand our problem

Some members have already told us they have cancelled their visit to Sunderland for that weekend, but unfortunately, we do not know the names of everyone who have made arrangements to attend the Service, so we are unable to contact them. If you know of someone going, or intending to go, will you please pass on this news to them?

With best wishes and good health to you all.
Richard W


Not often I admit to my stupid errors, but have to today. I saw a few days ago the caption cancelled service, and in my stupidity
thought it was the little used forum that had been cancelled. I am elated to see it is still here, and my sorrow at its demise was unfounded. I apologise to Richard for my thoughtless belief, and hope it continues, slow but steady,