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The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

On Feb 6, 2017, following several recent references to 'his book', made by Mr Tolan, Robert Sharp posted an enquiry as follows:

I have gone to the IWM website, I have put in searches by title and author, but keep getting no info messages. Can you advise me what I should enter to get the info, or the name of the publisher so I can obtain a copy. I have seen on the web your photos of the Suez Campaign, as they are eclectic I would suspect the individual stories are also. I am quite interested. I must impress it is the book I want and not DVD's of the times. I have read the news items and the Pathe news film."

On Feb 7, 2017, I responded as below:

"Good Morning Bob!
Forgive me for jumping in on your post but the question you raise is one that has been exercising my old grey matter since Mr Tolan brought it to our attention recently. He mentioned 'his book' on at least two occasions in the last week or so, once even telling us how it was carefully checked 'before printing.'
We are all made aware that this gentleman is a man of many parts - but even so, I had no idea that he was a published author...

Like you, Bob, I - and I am sure other Vets - would relish the opportunity to read this elusive tome."

* * * *
So far, nothing doing. The quest for information seems to have fallen upon deaf ears. Maybe this appeal will bear fruit...

Bill (BB5)

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