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The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

On Feb 6, 2017, following several recent references to 'his book', made by Mr Tolan, Robert Sharp posted an enquiry as follows:

I have gone to the IWM website, I have put in searches by title and author, but keep getting no info messages. Can you advise me what I should enter to get the info, or the name of the publisher so I can obtain a copy. I have seen on the web your photos of the Suez Campaign, as they are eclectic I would suspect the individual stories are also. I am quite interested. I must impress it is the book I want and not DVD's of the times. I have read the news items and the Pathe news film."

On Feb 7, 2017, I responded as below:

"Good Morning Bob!
Forgive me for jumping in on your post but the question you raise is one that has been exercising my old grey matter since Mr Tolan brought it to our attention recently. He mentioned 'his book' on at least two occasions in the last week or so, once even telling us how it was carefully checked 'before printing.'
We are all made aware that this gentleman is a man of many parts - but even so, I had no idea that he was a published author...

Like you, Bob, I - and I am sure other Vets - would relish the opportunity to read this elusive tome."

* * * *
So far, nothing doing. The quest for information seems to have fallen upon deaf ears. Maybe this appeal will bear fruit...

Bill (BB5)

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

I don't know anyone on this site but , having served in the Canal Zone, I thought this was supposed to be a site where old comrades enjoyed renewed old friendship, not a site for childish sarcastic rubbish. Isn't it time some using this site "grew up" and stopped behaving so childishly.

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

Alwyn Price, Tony Tolan has on frequent occasions in the past year or so referred to having submitted documents regarding service in the Suez Canal Zone. He stated quite clearly at one stage that it was a compendium of stories he garnered from other Suez vets, he did not refer to it as a book, but merely a set of documents that after being examined by IWM staff, certified for authenticity would be placed in the Archives. It is my recollection that he posted that they were now archived and could be accessed through the IWM. In his most recent posting he refers to his book.

Generally when a book has been researched edited, and published it becomes available for sale, I have gone to IWM, given Tony's name, and possible titles and get a response of no record, I have also googled Tony's name and possible book with no result either. I apologise sincerely if you take exception to my request, but most authors would be very gratified to have requests to purchase his book.

There is justification for some confusion on my part, as happens with Tony he engenders this problem, in a response some time ago, to one of his admirers who commented that he should write a book about his service, Tony responded by saying he had, but that to get one published was an expensive proposition, he went on to say that he had made contact with a publisher in the USA, and again mentioned expensive. He has quite forthrightly stated in hs recent posts that he has a published book, if so, he should be gratified in the interest, providing the information requested would conclude the matter. If however there is no book, then a simple acknowledgement of that would curtail any actions on my part to try and obtain a copy. I would accept this fully with no recrimination.

The information I have referred to is in the forum archives, it takes a little going back, but simply by clicking on the respondents name his history of posting is available,no better evidence than ones own words on paper, or the internet.

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

Robert, I think my comment fell on the "wrong ears" I am not interested in who's right and who's wrong, only that, at 85, I'm looking to enjoy what time I have left. I accept what is written on this site as purely a comment written for enjoyment of those who "suffered or enjoyed " life in the Canal Zone. If individuals wish to "embroider" their experiences, so be it, I'm not looking to criticise anyone, only to enjoy the content, whatever that is.

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

Couldn't agree more with the above comment. I was going to come on the forum to ask for information about my grandfather who served in the Suez Canak, but have been completely put off by this thread. It doesn't create a good impression of this forum (you all served this country with honour. The least you can do is give each other the
same respect) and as one of the contributors remarked: it is very childish, to say the least

I will look elsewhere for information and will not be coming back.

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

Mr Bradley, so you come on the forum to ask about your grandfather, read this thread, and decide you are gone, quick decision, of course you won't see this reply because you are gone, or are you? Peter.

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

I think Alwyn your sentiments are shared by the majority of us, however, and I accept it is not everyones choice,I cannot restrain myself when I see certain things, its the way I was raised, its the way I was trained, and is also I am sure a residue of my career choice of occupation. I turned 82 on the 8th of this month, I have had a full life, and an interesting one. I do not compare life experiences in the sense that mine was better more rewarding than that of anyone else, whatever one did they should be proud of, but when lies are told, fantasies are related it is not only demeaning of the individual himself, but demeans the proud organisation of which numerous members on here belonged, and served in with pride, and relate their service with no embellishment.

Please enjoy what you enjoy of the forum, and I take no umbrage if you decide not to read what I write, the same offer is made to everyone.

Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

Hello again Bob!

This topic apparently ruffled a few feathers once again but there has been no relevant or helpful response. Just one or two brickbats that you handled with aplomb, Bob!
However, our joint request was to track down an elusive book - this was totally ignored. You recalled in some detail how this book was touted at length by its author - therefore one would expect that enquiries about availability would be welcomed..? Is there NOBODY out there willing to help?

The silence makes me wonder if the book may be covered by the Official Secrets Act - has any Forum follower actually read it? So far, I am unwilling to believe that this is all a myth - that we have been led up the garden path (or Treaty Road perhaps) - surely not!

I sincerely hope that there will be some response that will help to stem my rapidly waning faith in this Forum...

Bill (BB5)